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Tourism, Travel, and Event Management

We are now accepting applications for the 2024/2025 academic year

Start Date: September

Location: Tourism & Culinary Centre

Length: 2 Years

Credential: Diploma, Tourism, Travel, and Event Management

Program Availability: Fall 2024 Term

Canadian Applicants

International Applicants

Prepare for an exciting career in the Tourism and Events Management industry with this two-year diploma program. Our program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the tourism industry and equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this exciting field.

You will have the opportunity to learn about travel trends, travel business strategies, event organization, and management. Our experienced instructors will guide you through real-life travel and event examples and share their expertise on the latest travel and event planning techniques. Once you develop a solid foundation in tourism operations, you'll choose between two fields of specialization - Tourism and Travel Coordinator or Events Coordinator.

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Choose your preferred career path


Learn about travel agency operations and earn your tour guide certification by creating and conducting island-wide tours with your classmates. You will learn about world cultures, and develop familiarity with the design and advertising tools you'll use to connect with potential clients. 


Every great event has a team of skilled leaders directing operations behind the scenes. In the Events Coordinator specialization, you'll learn how to plan, organize, promote, and evaluate events such as festivals, conventions, and trade shows. You'll gain insight into the industry by participating in events and you'll use the skills you learn in class to plan and execute an event of your own. 

Internship & Study Tour

As part of the program, you will complete a mandatory term of paid internship in a work environment related to your field of study. The placement is a minimum of 500 hours over the summer between your first and second year. The internship placement officer and program instructors work to ensure you are ready for this employment.

Educational Study Tour

In your second year, you will participate in a domestic educational study tour that is designed and planned by our 2nd-year students.

Study at our Tourism & Culinary Campus

The Culinary Institute of Canada is located in the Tourism and Culinary Centre.  Take a virtual tour!



This program has degree pathways, giving you the opportunity to receive credit for your Holland College diploma when you continue your education. For a complete list of agreements, visit the Degree Pathways page.

Partner Institution Credential Details of Agreement
Griffith University, Queensland, Australia Bachelor of Business (Event Management) Graduates from the Events profile may complete a Bachelor of Business (Event Management) degree in one an a half years.
Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, N.S. Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Graduates receive up to two years of credit toward the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality degree.
Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, N.S. Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Graduates receive up to two years of credit toward the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality degree.
University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Bachelor of Arts Graduates with a 70% average receive up to 60 hours of credit toward a Bachelor of Arts degree.
University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Bachelor of Business Administration - Tourism and Hospitality Graduates with a 70% average receive up to 60 credit hours toward a Bachelor of Business Administration - Tourism and Hospitality degree.
  • Grade 12 or equivalent with credits at or above the general level

  • Résumé including work and volunteer experience with applicable dates, membership in groups, associations or athletics, awards and distinctions, and any other information about yourself relevant to the program.


2023/2024 Academic Year

Tuition, fees, and other costs are listed in Canadian dollars. Tuition fees for the second year of this program are specific to your chosen specialization. 

1st Year Canadian International
Tuition  $4,895 $9,995
Fees $1,142 $1,892
Other Costs $1,164 $1,164
Total $7,201 $ 13,051
2nd Year Canadian International
Travel Specialization Tuition $4,101 $ 9,201
Events Specialization Tuition  $4,197 $9,297
Fees $3,993* $4,647*
Other Costs $514 $514
Travel Specialization Total $8,612 $ 14,362
Events SpecializationTotal $8,708 $ 14,458

*Includes study tour fees.


Canadian Cost Breakdown

Tuition & Fees 1st Year 2nd Year - Travel 2nd Year - Events
Tuition $4,895 $4,101 $4,197
Lab Fee $325 $1000 $1000
First Aid/WHMIS $120 - -
Study Tour $2,200 $2,200
Student Union $172 $172 $172
Health Insurance Fee $445 $445 $445
Fitness Centre Fee $80 $80 $80
Graduation Fee $100 $100
Subtotal $6,037 $8,098 $8,194
1st installment due September 5 $ 3,552 $4,342 $3,597
2nd installment due January 8 $2,485 $3,756 $4,597
Other Costs 1st Year 2nd Year - Travel 2nd Year - Events
Books $1,000 $350 $350
On-Site Parking $164 $164 $164
Subtotal $1,164 $514 $514
Total $7,201 $8,612 $8,708


International Cost Breakdown

Tuition and Other Fees 1st Year 2nd Year - Travel 2nd Year - Events
Tuition $ 9,995 $ 9,201 $ 9,297
Lab Fee $ 325 $ 1000 $ 1000
First Aid/WHMIS $ 120 - -
Study Tour $ 2,200 $ 2,200
Student Union $ 172 $ 172 $ 172
Health Insurance Fee $ 1,195 $ 1,195 $ 1,195
Fitness Centre Fee $ 80 $ 80 $ 80
Graduation Fee $ 100 $ 100
Subtotal $ 11,887 $ 13,848 $ 13,944
1st installment due September 5 $ 9,402 $10,092 $ 9,347
2nd installment due January 8 $ 2,485 $ 3,756 $ 4,597
Other Program Costs 1st Year 2nd Year - Travel 2nd Year - Events
Books $ 1,000 $ 350 $ 350
On-Site Parking $ 164 $ 164 $ 164
Subtotal $ 1,164 $ 514 $ 514
Total $13,051 $14,362 $14,458
  • Airlines
  • Travel agencies
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Tour companies
  • Tourism information bureaus
  • Heritage and historical interpretation centres
  • Travel call centres

Graduates of the Event Coordinator specialization find employment with:

  • Corporations
  • Associations
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Entertainment and film production
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Marketing & Events Organizations

Course Code

Course Name & Description

Credit Values

Course Code:SAFE-1005

PEI Occupational Health and Safety

An overview of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Prince Edward Island. Students examine the legislation, how PEI employees are protected while on the job and the responsibilities of employees and employers.

Credit Values:0

Course Code:ACCT-1001

Financial Accounting I Part 1

Gain an understanding of the accounting cycle and,the use of accounting as an information system.,Explore basic financial accounting theory and,learn to analyze business transactions and the,accounts affected by these transactions. ,Develop accounting skills by using the rules of,debit and credit, journalizing business,transactions, posting transactions, and,completing financial statements.


Course Code:ACCT-1002

Financial Accounting I Part 2

Building on the concepts from Financial Accounting,I Part I, following a manual system and/or using,accounting software, learn about subsidiary,ledgers and special journals, as well as internal,control and basic financial accounting theory and,practical concepts. Learn to account for,merchandise inventory. Develop the skills to,prepare, maintain and close financial statements,and learn the fundamental principles required to,control and account for cash, banking, and,inventory. Prepare payroll according to government,guidelines and regulations and learn to follow,procedures to account for sales tax and workers,compensation.


Course Code:BUSI-1005

Hospitality Law

Explore Canadian law as it applies to the tourism,and hospitality industry. Develop an,understanding of the legal concepts and,principles that govern personal and commercial,relationships, and learn how our lives are,intimately influenced by the law.


Course Code:BUSI-1143

Managing Human Resources

Successful completion of this course will equip,students with a foundation of basic leadership,skills. A special focus is placed on skills which,relate to communication, teamwork, management,functions, styles of leadership, motivation,,staffing, training, delegating, and performance,assessments.


Course Code:BUSI-2050


Entrepreneurship education is the process of,providing individuals with the concepts and,skills to recognize opportunities that others,have overlooked, and to have the insight and,self-esteem to act where others have hesitated.,This course includes instruction in opportunity,recognition, obtaining resources, and initiating,a business venture. It also provides instruction,in business management processes such as business,planning, capital development, marketing, and,financial analysis. Students will have the,opportunity to summarize much of what they have,learned by researching and completing a business,plan for a specific enterprise.,


Course Code:COMM-1300

Business Communications

Students acquire competency in clear workplace,language, writing, and proofreading skills,expected in a professional, technologically,sophisticated workplace setting. Students draft,and evaluate various correspondence, as well as,demonstrate oral communication skills through,business presentations.,


Course Code:COMP-1000

Computer Essentials

Students learn productivity software and explore,digital environments with practical applications,for various workplaces and educational,institutions. The main areas of focus include word,processing, spreadsheets, presentation software,,email and other electronic communication tools,,various digital environments, and,industry-specific applications.


Course Code:EVNT-1000

Introduction to Event Coordination

Experience the event planning process. Learn the,tools and strategies to effectively organize,,implement, and monitor all the products,,services, and service providers that will bring,an event to life.


Course Code:EVNT-1005

Introduction to Fundraising and Sponsors

Explore how the non-profit sector works and how,event skills contribute to a non-profit's overall,success. Learn why developing and executing,fundraising and sponsorship opportunties are,essential financial resources for a nonprofit,organization.


Course Code:EVNT-2005

Meetings Management

Learn about the North American meetings industry,as well as the skills needed to be a successful,meeting planner. Discover the many different,types of meetings with the elements required to,plan and execute a successful meeting.


Course Code:EVNT-2010

Creative Events Development I

Plan an event up to the execution phase.,Incorporate program concepts and principles,addressing all of the critical elements required,to successfully execute an event.


Course Code:EVNT-2015

Creative Events Development II

Execute a planned event. Incorporate program,concepts and principles addressing all of the,critical elements required to successfully,execute an event.


Course Code:EVNT-2025

Tradeshow Operations

As the rising cost of business to business,selling increases, the tourism and travel,industry is seeing a remarkable increase in the,number of expositions being held as well as an,increase in the number of exhibition facilities,being built. Discover why trade shows are one of,the single best sales and marketing tools,available to operators. Learn how to select the,right show, implement a trade show plan, attract,customers to a booth, sell, and follow up with,customers


Course Code:HOSP-1101

Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality

Explore the evolution of the tourism industry in,Canada and the variety of career opportunities,available today. Learn the sectors of the tourism,and hospitality industry and discover how they,interact and contribute to economic growth.


Course Code:MKTG-1000


Learn the fundamentals of marketing and the major,environmental factors influencing today's,marketing environment. Discover how individual,consumers, industrial and organizational buyers,reach their purchase decisions. Develop an,understanding of target marketing and examine the,elements of the marketing mix.


Course Code:MKTG-1255

Introduction to Advertising Layout and,Design

Explore the general field of advertising layout,,graphic design and visual communication. Examine,the roles of the client and the advertising,agency in the creative planning process. Learn,the tools used to develop, design, and produce,advertising.


Course Code:MKTG-2020

Public Relations

Explore public relations theory and practice.,Study the development of the field including,concepts, issues, and principles of practice as,well as models and theories guiding the practice.,Apply theory to public relations program planning,and management.


Course Code:NCPR-1001

Standard First Aid and CPR/AED Level C

A comprehensive two-day course offering standard,first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR),skills from a certified trainer. As required by,regulation, this course covers CPR and the,management of other breathing, airway and,circulation emergencies, as well as, the control,of bleeding, treating shock, stabilizing,fractures and dislocations, head and spine,injuries, and more. Also, includes automated,external defibrilators (AED). This certification,expires in 3 years.


Course Code:NCPR-1002

Workplace Hazardous Materials,Information Systems

Students complete Workplace Hazardous Materials,Information System (WHMIS) training and,certification.


Course Code:NCPR-1015

Professional Internship Preparation

Internship is the cooperative educational,component of the program in which students are,required to complete a work term in the industry., Prior to beginning an internship placement,,there are a number of activites and requirements,that should be addressed in order to prepare both,students and host sites. This course is intended,to explore those activities, ensuring a smooth,and positive experience for all parties involved,in this mutually beneficial activity.


Course Code:NCPR-1040

Customer Service Certification

Customer Service certification is highly valued by,employers throughout the service and hospitality,industries who are seeking employees well-trained,in providing exceptional customer service.,Students will gain both practical skills and,techniques for providing excellent customer,service.


Course Code:NCPR-2020

Professional Internship

Internship is the cooperative educational,component of the program in which students are,required to complete a work term in the industry.,This internship placement provides students with,the opportunity to put into practice what they,have learned, to acquire new skills, and to gain,first hand experiences in the industry. Internship,is a cooperative relationship between the industry,placement, the student, and the program where all,parties derive benefits.


Course Code:PRAC-2021

Travel and Agency Operations

Participate in a "hands-on" in-depth study of the,actual working environment within a travel office,setting. Experience the key roles of selling,,providing customer service, and applying,organizational skills. Learn the various office,procedures and selling situations. Develop,competence dealing with colleagues, clients, and,travel suppliers in a professional manner.


Course Code:PRAC-2022

Events Practicum

Experience all of the basic elements of,orchestrating a major event. Gain hands-on,experience in various areas of an event from,registration to logistics.


Course Code:TOUR-1001

Selling Destinations I

Explore the geography of the Americas from a,travel industry perspective. Discover relevant,facts about these destinations and learn to match,client preferences to destinations and services.,Develop sales strategies to sell tourism and,travel products.


Course Code:TOUR-1005

Accommodations and Transportation

Learn the fundamentals of researching, sourcing,,and selling accommodations and transportation,services. Explore the methods and strategies used,to locate and purchase accommodations,,transportation, and travel insurance.


Course Code:TOUR-1010

Leisure Travel

Examine the changing preferences and expectations,of leisure travelers and understand how they align,with prevailing market trends. Explore the role,of travel influencers in shaping the perceptions,and decisions of travellers. Learn to use travel,technology tools and platforms commonly used to,promote leisure travel products.


Course Code:TOUR-2001

Selling Destinations II

Examine geography from a travel industry,perspective. Study Caribbean, European and,African destinations and learn to match clients,to destinations and services. Explore relevant,facts about these destinations, related client,preferences and sales strategies to motivate,travelers.


Course Code:TOUR-2005

Tour Conducting

Learn about tour guiding and tour directing, gain,exposure to the industry and gain experience by,creating and conducting a tour. Learn about the,profession of Heritage Interpreter. Experience,what interpretation is, what an interpreter does,,and how interpretation works.


Course Code:TOUR-2010

Airline Industry

Learn about the aviation industry from its early,development to its modern day challenges. Examine,the different types of airlines, airports, and,associations, as well as the concept of,accessibility. Develop the basic skills of,ticketing for worldwide travel routes while,examining airfare pricing. International time,zones and appropriate international documents for,destinations will also be covered. Learn how to,process tickets and record accounting information,for all related traffic documentation.


Course Code:TOUR-2015

Travel and Tour Operations

Learn how to operate a tour company. Gain hands-on,experience in the conception, development, and,design of various tours. Learn how to set,objectives, negotiate bookings, source products,,and create budgets. Gather information about,destinations, create tour packages, and explore,itinerary development. Learn to utilize marketing,tools such as social media and promotional,advertising campaigns to promote tours and attract,customers.


Course Code:TOUR-2025

Computerized Reservations

Learn the basic concepts of electronic bookings,in the travel industry. Gain practical knowledge,and skills required to perform computerized,reservations duties required in traditional,travel industry positions. Discover applications,used to book tourism components including ,transportation, tour operations, airlines, hotel,,and car rentals. Develop the skills to interpret,travel documents, determine appropriate airfares,and analyze rules. Perform reservation,procedures, create passenger records, and access,hotel, car and other information used in the,daily operation of a travel agency.


Course Code:TOUR-2030

World Cultures

Learn about the beliefs and conceptions,,historical backgrounds, habits, and traits of,other cultures. Develop skills to promote,sensitivity towards diversity, avoid,misunderstandings that may lead to conflict, and,allow for more fluent global interaction.


Course Code:TOUR-2101

Selling Destinations III

Explore the geography of the Middle East, Asia,and the South Pacific from a travel industry,perspective. Discover relevant facts about these,destinations and learn to match client,preferences to destinations and services. Develop,sales strategies to sell tourism and travel,products.


Tourism, Travel, and Event Management background image Tourism, Travel, and Event Management background image Tourism, Travel, and Event Management background image

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Tourism and Travel Management program. The instructors are knowledgeable, supportive and dedicated to their students’ success. I found the hands-on learning valuable, as I gained experience and confidence in professional tourism and event spaces.

Charlotte, Class of 2021


Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management

Study Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management and learn how to manage all the details that make a restaurant, resort, hotel, or nightclub a great experience for customers. Our business courses complement specialized training for food service, catering and hotel operations, and you will participate in practicums in our dining room and at local hotels during this two-year program.

Marketing and Advertising Management

Study Marketing and Advertising Management at Holland College to learn the skills you'll need to conduct market research, develop a marketing strategy and execute marketing communications plans. Get ready for a career in this diverse and expanding field with this two-year program.

Sport and Recreation Management

Prepare for a career in community development, recreation programming, facility management or sports administration/marketing. The Sport & Recreation Management program gives you the skills you need for an exciting career in the recreation or sports industry.