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Prince of Wales Campus Parking

parking map for Prince of Wales Campus


How to Obtain a Parking Permit

Students should request their Holland College student permit through their instructor or through the Facilities Office at 305 Kent Street (Montgomery Hall).

Staff requiring a staff parking permit should register with the Facility Management office at 305 Kent Street, Charlottetown.


Where to Park

  1. Grafton Street parking lot across from Glendenning Hall for student use;

  2. Grafton Street parking lot next to the Joe Ghiz park;

  3. Park Street parking lot (300 spaces – see above parking map). A walking path is in place from the back section of the Park Street parking lot leading towards the Prince of Wales campus;

  4. Fitzroy Parking lot (for staff use only)


 Parking Terms and Conditions

When using a Holland College parking lot, drivers are asked to ensure they are;

  1. within the designated parking spaces

  2. have a valid parking permit clearly displayed on their rearview mirror

Any vehicles found without a parking permit, not parked in a designated parking spot, or inhibiting the flow of traffic, should expect to be towed at the owner’s expense.



Enforcement of Holland College Parking Terms and Conditions begins annually by October 1st.


Vehicle Safety

It is important to ensure that vehicles are locked and that valuable items within the vehicle are concealed or safely stowed.


Local On Street Parking Spaces

When using local on-street parking, ensure your vehicle is not blocking a driveway. Please keep in mind that parking lots belonging to businesses in the area are not public parking.