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Transitions began as a pilot project between Holland College and the PEI Department of Education in the 2002/2003 school year. In its inaugural year, Transitions hosted 16 students from Bluefield Senior High School. The program has grown to take in over 120 students annually and runs out of three separate Holland College campuses, partnering with schools to offer programs in Charlottetown, Summerside and Alberton. Students explore career options under the guidance of Transitions staff.



  • To give Prince Edward Island high school students the opportunity to make informed decisions about their post-secondary options

  • To re-ignite the learning process through student-centered, activity-based learning for students who may be disengaged in high school

  • To build student confidence and preparedness for the post-secondary world


  • Students attend college for half days for one semester.

  • Students rotate through program clusters where they are exposed to a wide variety of Holland College programs.

  • Rotations are complemented by tours, guest speakers, volunteering, fundraising, presenting, and portfolio development.


  • Every day is different: different instructors and different activities
  • Increases self-awareness and confidence
  • Students receive two high school credits and preferred status when applying to any Holland College program upon completion

  • Students are better prepared for post-secondary education, as they are familiar with the post-secondary environment and expectations

In the Holland College Charlottetown, Summerside and Alberton campuses, Transitions students explore many different programs. For detailed information, explore the programs Holland College offers.



Program Coordinator: 902-629-4248
Charlottetown Office: 902-629-4204
Summerside Office: 902-888-6434
Alberton Office: 902-853-0010

Trades and Technology Rotation: Rob Colborne, Supervisor/Mentor
This rotation gives students the opportunity to sample a wide range of programs on the Prince of Wales Campus. It combines hands-on practical sessions and guest speakers from various Holland College departments. The trades and technology rotation stresses the idea that trades are about using your head, not just your hands. Thinking, creativity, and the ability to work on your own are the focus of this section.

Activities include building and testing a scale wind turbine, building a carpentry project that each student will take home, an electrical project, plus an activity and in-depth discussion with the instructor from the Electronics Engineering Technology program.

Prince of Wales Rotation: Ryan Maxwell
Students in the Prince of Wales rotation are exposed to the Graphic Design, Video Game Art and Animation, Sport and Leisure Management, and Journalism and Communications programs. During the rotation, students meet Holland College students, instructors, and community professionals, with a focus on hands-on activities.

Activities include creating logos and posters in the Graphic Design program and creating content in order to understand the creative and technical aspects of animation through character development in the Video Game Art and Animation program. Journalism and Communications activities focus on interviewing and building a story, and Sport and Leisure Management focuses on Kinesiology with anatomy identification. and creating and facilitating a Microteach to a large group.

Health & Community Studies Rotation: Chris Connolly
This rotation gives students exposure to the various health and community studies programs offered at Holland College. It involves hands-on activities combined with guest speakers, tours, and volunteering at soup kitchens and continuing care facilities. Students will get a feel for what it might be like to work in this field. Programs covered this year include Human Services, Child and Youth Care Worker, Early Childhood Care and Education, and Practical Nursing.

Arts Community Rotation: Nida Ashraf
The goal of Arts Community rotation is to promote divergent thinking in students through exposure to different programs related to the arts. We familiarize students with the Graphic Design, Fundamental Arts, Journalism and Communications, Music Performance, and Photography and Videography programs through a series of hands-on activities. Students also tour small businesses involved in activities related to these programs. Guest speakers and college instructors enrich the students' learning experiences. Some activities include: designing, creating, and printing program logos and slogans, designing newsletters, and directing a three-minute video.

Tourism & Culinary Rotation: Steve Barber
The Tourism and Culinary Centre rotation introduces students to the International Hospitality Management, Marketing and Advertising Management, and the Tourism and Travel Management programs, and is complemented with various industry tours related to those programs. Rotational classes and tours provide hands-on experiences for the students, giving each an excellent overview of expectations and future career options. Activities include designing a mock dinner menu, planning a mock event and a mock destination travel tour. The students will have the opportunity to hear from, and meet with, various industry professionals and learn from tours of local hotels and dining establishments.

Trades & Technology Rotation, Summerside Waterfront Campus: Nathaniel Croken, Supervisor/Mentor
The Trades and Technology rotation of the Summerside Transitions program takes place at the Summerside Waterfront Campus. The rotation includes Industrial Electrical Technology, Automotive Technology, Electromechanical Technology, Precision Machinist, Carpentry, Wind Turbine Technician, and marine training.

This rotation gives the students a view of what working in a trade will be like. It includes hands-on practical sessions that demonstrate the fact that trades people need to know how to use their heads, as well as their hands. Students learn about the importance of critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to work alone and as part of a team.

Activities include building small carpentry projects such as benches, bat houses, toolboxes, recycling bins, picnic tables and dog houses; electrical conduit bending, wiring doorbell/electrical outlet; tire balancing; soldering; climbing safety, and disassembling and reassembling a scale wind turbine.

Health and Community Studies Rotation: Jillian Jeffery
This rotation introduces Summerside area students to a variety of Charlottetown-based, health-related programs. Students learn about these programs through hands-on activities, guest speakers from health and community-related programs, tours of the college’s labs, and off-campus tours. Students experience what it might be like to work in a health and community-related field. Programs covered include Human Services, Child and Youth Care Worker, Early Childhood Care and Education, Practical Nursing, Photography and Videography, and Culinary Arts.

Policing and Athletics Rotation: Steve Tessier
The Atlantic Police Academy rotation of the Transitions program gives students insight into careers such as police officers, correctional officers, firefighters, wildlife conservation officers, and sheriff and public safety officers. One of the most important aspects of the students’ participation in this rotation is the respect they develop for law enforcement officers.

Activities include driver training, firearms safety/use, tactical handcuffing, pressure point control tactics, take down/defense tactics, attending docket days in courthouse, prison searches, cell extractions, crime scene village, tours of jails, police stations, and the provincial fire training center. In order to reinforce the fitness factor in policing, students are introduced to the Sport and Leisure Management program and participate in various indoor and outdoor physical activities.

Business Rotation: Christine Batten, Mentor/Supervisor
The Business rotation at the West Prince Campus focuses on exploring the region’s small businesses and their importance in our rural communities. Students get first-hand accounts of the challenges and successes of business ownership through field trips and presentations from local business people. Students develop their own business idea to pitch to a panel and learn what it takes to make a successful product or service work. Topics include marketing, business models, advertising and financing. This rotation explores several Holland College programs: Business Administration, Small Business Manager, Accounting Technology, Tourism and Travel Management, and Marketing and Advertising Management.

Health & Community Studies Rotation: Kelly Gavin
This rotation exposes students to the Health and Community Studies programs offered by Holland College. It involves classroom presentations, hands-on activities, guest speakers, community-based tours, and career exploration placement. Students will get a feel for their likes and dislikes in various careers in this field. They will also get a great sense of community awareness while making valuable contacts for life after high school. Programs covered are Early Childhood Care and Education, Human Services, Child and Youth Care Worker, Resident Care Worker, Practical Nursing, and Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant.

Trades and Technology Rotation: Joe Dumville
The Trades and Community rotation helps students see the many different aspects of trades in the region with field trips and hands-on experiential learning. Students see successful trades businesses in the area and learn about the opportunities that arise in them. They also participate in hands-on projects in the fields of welding, plumbing, electrical, car maintenance, wind turbines, solar power and community involvement through sport and recreation.