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Assessment Services

We can help you prepare to study at Holland College with a variety of different services. 

Career Counselling

Not sure which career is right for you? A career assessment can help you identify which careers are most suited to you. We help you identify your career interests, aptitudes, personality, achievement level, and work values so that you can choose a program that will prepare you for the right career.

A career assessment consists of one to three meetings with an examiner. The meetings last one to three hours. We prepare a report and discuss the results with you.

Diagnostic Assessment

A diagnostic assessment can help you find out if you have a learning disability and discover your strengths as a learner. We are trained and qualified to administer, score, and interpret psychological and educational tests.

A diagnostic assessment consists of three to six meetings. Each meeting lasts one to three hours. We prepare a report and discuss the results with you.

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2)

We also administer the MMPI-2, which identifies individuals who would most likely be able to perform successfully in fields such as policing services, armed emergency response teams, armed security personnel and conservation officers.

Invigilation (Proctoring)

Students can request to write an exam from an outside institution under the supervision of one of our staff members.

For more information about any of these services, contact:
Assessment Services
Email: assessments@hollandcollege.com 
Tel: 902-566-9306