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Simulator (Bridge) - 2022/2023



Course Entry Requirements:  We strongly recommend completion of NS1, CP1 and ROCMC prior to taking the SEN L Training  

Simulated Electronic Navigation – Limited



Tuition: $850

SEN L  Oct. 31, 2022 Nov. 4, 2022 Marine Training Centre
SEN L Dec. 12, 2022 Dec. 16, 2022 Marine Training Centre

Electronic Positioning Systems (SEN 1 Part A)

Course Entry Requirements: NIL

Tuition: $1,500 
EPS Oct. 17, 2022 Oct. 28, 2022 Marine Training Centre

Simulated Electronic Navigation  – Operational (SEN 1 Part B)

Course Entry Requirements: EPS, ROCMC, C&P2, NS1

Tuition: $1,985 
SEN O Oct. 31, 2022 Nov. 25, 2022 Marine Training Centre

Simulated Electronic Navigation – Level 2

Course Entry Requirements: ROC-MC, SEN 1 A & B, or Marine Safety approved qualifying service.

Tuition: $2,100 
SEN 2 Sept. 12, 2022 Sept. 29, 2022 Marine Training Centre

Simulated Electronic Navigation - Management (SEN 2)

Course Entry Requirements for SEN M:
  • Simulated Electronic Navigation Operational Level (SEN O) or Simulated Electronic Navigation Fish (SEN F); and
  • hold one of the following Certificates of Competency: OOW; OOW-NC; Master 3000 Gross Tonnage, Domestic; Master 500 Gross Tonnage, Domestic; Chief Mate 500 Gross Tonnage, Domestic; Fishing Master, Limited Waters; Fishing Officer, Unlimited Waters; and
  • 6 months of sea service at the officer or master level.
*Note: A thorough knowledge of ECDIS will be beneficial before taking this course.
SEN M Waiting for MPR   Marine Training Centre

SIM 1 Exam Challenge

This course applies to the following candidates:

  • Direct Entry Candidates holding a valid TCMSS letter of equivalency who require the SIM 1 exam as part of the approval process for a Canadian Certificate of Competency.
  • Candidates who have successfully completed the approved SEN training but have not completed the SIM 1 exam, or their SIM 1 exam expired before the Certificate of Competency was achieved.

This training will familiarize students with the KSIM software prior to their exam, as well as refresh students on the skills required for radar plotting and target tracking. 

Candidates who are unsuccessful in challenging the SIM 1 examination will be required to complete the SEN training course in full.

TUITION: $1,500

 SIM 1 Challenge TBA TBA Marine Training Centre