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Bridge Watch Rating - 2022/2023

This course will prepare trainees to meet the Transport Canada Standards as per TP 10936

Pre-Requisites: 18 years of age, Transport Canada Marine Medical, STCW Basic Safety, STCW Survival Craft, Marine Basic First Aid.

Course Start Date End Date Tuition – $5,950
BWR Sept. 12, 2022 Dec. 2, 2022

Marine Training Centre

BWR Jan. 30, 2023 Apr. 21, 2023

Marine Training Centre

The Bridge Watch Rating program provides training to those who would like to have a sea-going career but have little or no previous marine experience. This 12-week entry level course introduces shipboard terminology, safety procedures, standards for watchkeeping, and provides the practical skills and knowledge you will need to become a proficient deckhand.

This training course is intended to prepare the student to challenge the Bridge Watch Rating exam and is designed to meet the Transport Canada standards as per TP10936. As such, Transport Canada requires that students maintain an attendance standard of 90% during the course and a pass mark of 70% for the final course mark.

Successful completion of the program counts as four months of sea time towards your BWR Certificate of Competency, which is issued by Transport Canada. After completing the BWR course at Holland College, you will require an additional 60 days of sea time onboard a vessel. To obtain your BWR Certificate of Competency from Transport Canada, you must submit your training certificates from Holland College, your Statement of Sea Service (documenting two months of sea time) and a Steering Testimonial (showing 10 hours of experience steering a vessel).

The Bridge Watch Rating Certificate of Competency allows you to work as part of a team during shipboard activities including the following:

  • Steering the vessel
  • Lookout duties
  • Mooring and anchoring operations
  • Handling ropes and chains
  • Maintenance of the ship and deck equipment
  • Cargo operations
  • Small boat operations
  • Emergency response

In addition to the BWR Training Certificate, you will also receive the Radio Operators Certificate - Marine Commercial (ROC-MC) and Vessel Personnel with Security Responsibilites (VPWSR) as part of your training.


  • 18 years of age
  • Valid Transport Canada Marine Medical
  • STCW Basic Safety, STCW Survival Craft, Marine Basic First Aid (These courses are typically offered immediately before the BWR program)

Due to the international nature of sea-going careers, it is also advisable to have a valid passport, but it is not required as part of this course.