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Photography & Videography Camera Requirements for 2019-20

Students are required to start the program with a removable lens camera system. The following list is a
general guideline of all appropriate camera bodies. Students must obtain prior approval from the program
instructor if they want to deviate from this list.

Recommended camera bodies

Even though the market now includes several new brands, especially in the mirrorless market, Canon is
still an ideal option because we currently stock a wide range of lenses, flashes and accessories
compatible with this system. The following is a list of Canon camera bodies that are suitable:

Note: Prices listed below are based on current retail trends; better prices are often available.

*Camera features a full frame sensor, which means it will not be compatible with some of the lenses listed below.

If you would like to invest in a mirrorless system but are not interested in the Canon EOS R, we
recommend the following Sony camera. An adapter can be purchased separately to modify this body to
accept Canon EF lenses:
We provide the following lenses for Canon DSLR and Mirrorless bodies:

Please Note: Many of these lenses will also fit the Sony A7III but you would be required to purchase a Canon EF to Sony E-Mount lens adapter.

Reccomended retailers

Shop wisely and only purchase quality equipment from knowledgeable and trusted sources. The following is a list of retailers we have experience with and feel comfortable recommending: 

Ivan’s Camera, Moncton, NB

Vistek, Toronto, ON

Henry’s, Halifax, NS & Toronto, ON 

Camera Canada, London, ON

For more information

If you have questions or require further details, please contact Jean-Sébastien Duschesne by email: 
jduchesne@hollandcollege.com, or by phone: 902-566-9551.