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Human Resource Management

We are now accepting applications for the 2024/2025 academic year

Start Date: September

Location: Prince of Wales Campus, Blended

Length: 1 Year

Credential: Human Resource Administrator

Program Availability: Fall 2024 Term

Canadian Applicants

International Applicants

If you are working in Human Resources and want to enhance your skills, or if you are planning to move into an HR, supervisory, or managerial role, this program will help you develop effective skills in human resource management whether you work in the public or private sector, in unionized or non-unionized workplaces.

You will take courses in recruitment and selection, performance management, compensation, training and development, labour relations, and more.

This program has a blended delivery format with full-day, on-campus in-class sessions approximately every second Saturday combined with independent coursework facilitated by the learning manager utilizing an online learning management system. Take a virtual campus tour.

Industry Recognition and Certifications

This program is accredited by the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) - PEI Association. Graduating from an accredited HR program puts you one step closer to obtaining your CPHR designation.

Learn more on the CPHR-PEI Website

  • Grade 12 or equivalent with credits at or above the general level
  • Confirmation of successful completion of BUSI 101 Human Resource Management I (or equivalent) and BUSI2035 Organizational Behaviour (or equivalent) from an accredited community college or university prior to start of program
  • Résumé including work and volunteer experience with applicable dates, membership in groups, associations or athletics, awards and distinctions, and any other information about yourself relevant to the program


  • Individuals can apply to this program prior to September but must complete BUSI 1010 Human Resource Management and BUSI 2035 Organizational Behaviour prior to the start of the HRM specific courses. These courses are offered by the college. You will find more information here. The courses are offered on an annual basis and must meet a minimum enrollment number. Credit transfer for these courses may be granted.
  • Proficiency with word processing and presentation software, along with strong business and report writing skills are recommended. Holland College offers credit courses in these topic areas.
  • If your first language is not English, please review our English Language Requirements page.

2023/2024 Academic Year

Tuition, fees, and other costs are listed in Canadian dollars. International tuition includes the International Student Fee.

1 Year



Tuition $3,560 $8,660
Fees $797 $1,547
Other Costs $ 200 $200
Total $ 4,557 $10,407

Canadian Cost Breakdown

Tuition & Fees

1 Year

Tuition $ 3,560
Student Union Fee $ 172
Health & Dental Insurance $ 445
Fitness Fee $ 80
Graduation Fee $ 100
     Total payable to Holland College $ 4,357
1st installment due September 6 $ 2,557
2nd installment due January 9 $ 1,780

Other Costs
Please note: the cost of books is included here for your information only, this amount is not payable to the college. Do not include this amount in your tuition payment.

1 Year

Books $ 200
     Total $ 200
Grand Total $4,557


International Cost Breakdown

Tuition & Fees

1 Year

Tuition* $8,660
Student Union Fee $172
Health Insurance Fee $1,195
Fitness Fee $80
Graduation Fee $100
     Total payable to Holland College $10,207
1st installment due September 5 $ 8,692
2nd installment due January 8 $ 1,780

Other Costs
Please note: the cost of books is included here for your information only, this amount is not payable to the college. Do not include this amount in your tuition payment.

1 Year

Books $200
     Total $200
Grand Total $10,407

*Includes the International Student Fee.

Graduates of this program will be qualified to seek employment in a variety of business, government, or not-for-profit settings which require support and leadership in managing talent in an organization. From larger human resources departments or firms to smaller entrepreneurial ventures, graduates of this program will possess the skills to be effective team members.

Course Code

Course Name & Description

Credit Values

Course Code:SAFE-1005

PEI Occupational Health and Safety

An overview of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Prince Edward Island. Students examine the legislation, how PEI employees are protected while on the job and the responsibilities of employees and employers.

Credit Value:0

Course Code:BUSI-1010

Human Resource Management I

Students learn the functions of Human Resource Management (HRM), the value of an organization's human resources, and the challenges facing organizations to survive, remain competitive, grow, and diversify. Students develop skills in the areas of planning, job design, recruitment and selection, placement, orientation, training, record management and various acts and regulations that impact Human Resource Management.

Credit Value:3

Course Code:BUSI-1400

Human Resource Planning and Management

Integrating features of human resource planning, students will develop their skills to become proactive in anticipating the supply of, and demand for, human resources. Considering organizational strategy in conjunction with legislative requirements, students will develop their knowledge base using workplace tools such as SWOT analysis, job analysis, policies and procedures, and metrics.

Credit Value:3

Course Code:BUSI-1401

Recruitment and Selection

Examine and apply recruitment, selection, and onboarding strategies used to effectively staff organizations. Develop practical tools such as interview guides, rating systems and orientation programs used in real world application.

Credit Value:3

Course Code:BUSI-1402

Performance Management

Learn performance management strategies organizations use to support the management and development of a qualified workforce. Students will consider performance review systems, employee engagement strategies, and coaching in the human resource management process.

Credit Value:3

Course Code:BUSI-1403

Compensation and Benefits

Learn how total rewards programs are developed within organizations. Examine how organizations differentiate between financial and non-financial compensation within a total reward system; what factors influence pay rates and how to measure and value job worth. Evaluate real-world benefit packages, research components of effective benefit packages. Explore payroll requirements and the connection between Human Resources and Payroll.

Credit Value:3

Course Code:BUSI-1404

Training and Development

Explore a variety of corporate training needs. Learn the importance of developing effective organizational training initiatives including establishing program objectives, creating a training program outline, giving and receiving feedback, and facilitating career planning.

Credit Value:3

Course Code:BUSI-1405

Occupational Health and Safety

Examine workers' compensation and occupational health and safety legislation. Students will consider and present strategies for ensuring safe and healthy work environments. Explore occupational health and safety programs, employer and employee responsibilities, accident investigation, and health reporting systems.

Credit Value:3

Course Code:BUSI-1407

Developing Policy Manual Components - Capstone Project

Students build on their knowledge and skills gained in the Human Resource Management program to develop a section of a Human Resource Policy Manual.

Credit Value:3

Course Code:BUSI-1408

Labour Relations

Explore issues pertaining to employers and employees governed by collective agreements in Canada by examining the history of unions, the motivation for organizing, and the related political and legislative environments. Students are introduced to the certification process, the collective bargaining process, third-party intervention during negotiations and grievance procedures. Examine how the interpretation and administration of collective agreements can contribute to a collaborative relationship between management and the union while complying with legislative requirements.

Credit Value:3

Course Code:BUSI-2035

Organizational Behaviour

Students are introduced to concepts that relate to how individuals, groups, and structure affect and are affected by behaviour within organizations. Students examine the impact of individual and group behaviour on an organization's outcomes and processes. The main areas of focus include the foundations of individual behaviour, the role of motivation, individual and group decision making, leadership, conflict, negotiation, and organization change models.

Credit Value:3

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My whole experience at the college was nothing but positive. I will be recommending this program to everyone I know, as this program is suitable for learners of all ages.

Robin, Class of 2023