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Support Our Students

When you establish a scholarship, bursary, or award at Holland College, 100% of your contribution goes directly to students. You have lots of options to choose from!

Academic achievement, leadership, program of study, financial need, community service – whatever your interests, we will work with you to develop criteria that will be meaningful to you, your organization, or your business. You can see the many different types of awards that we offer on our Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards page.

You may decide to establish an entrance award for students just starting a Holland College program, or an enrolled award, which helps students already taking a Holland College program.

You can name your award:


Many donors choose to provide the funding on an annual basis. For a minimum commitment of $500 per year for five years, you can establish a named, annually-funded award.


You may want to see the scholarship, bursary, or award that you establish funded in perpetuity. Endowments are invested and managed by the Holland College Foundation and generate interest. Awards are distributed through a payout currently equivalent to 4.8% of interest and principle each year.  A minimum investment of $10,000 is required to establish an endowment.  


Gifts of any amount are always appreciated. For those who wish to make a gift in support of student financial aid without the commitment of establishing a named award, there are meaningful options available.

Click or tap here to find out more about Earn a Car, one donor’s unique way of encouraging and inspiring students.


Canada Revenue Agency requires that donors must remain at arm’s length from the recipient selection process if they require a charitable tax receipt. Our selection committees are appointed and chaired by the college’s registrar.


In addition to the personal satisfaction you will derive from making a gift, the Holland College Foundation proudly recognizes and celebrates its donors in various ways, and there are tax benefits as well.

In general, individual donors receive federal tax credits equal to 15% of the first $200 given to registered charities in a taxation year and 29 percent for amounts that exceed $200 up to $200,000. Provincial tax credits also apply, providing a significant combined tax benefit.

To find out more about making a gift, contact Gloria.