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Tips for Living in Residence

Joining the residence community is a great way to immerse yourself in college life. You'll have the opportunity to meet new people and experience everything the college has to offer. It can also take time to settle into your new home away from home. Keep reading for tips on how to make the most of your residence experience.

Adjusting to Residence

There are lots of activities that you can participate in to help you find your way here at Holland College. Whether it is through social activities, athletics, recreational sports, clubs, or by being active in student leadership through the student union, you will find that participating will help you feel like you belong here. By socializing with our international students, you will learn more about different cultures, languages, and histories, and gain a strong sense of how you fit into it all! 

We understand that becoming a part of the residence community is not always easy. You may find it difficult to put yourself out there to make new friends. First and foremost, please understand that you're not alone, and there is nothing wrong with you—even if no one else is talking about feeling out of place, other people are bound to feel the same way.

Adjusting to college and feeling like you belong can be a process that takes a bit of time and effort. Just because everyone else seems to be settling in doesn't mean they aren't also struggling. If you are struggling, connect with the Holland College Counselling Services team. 

Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs)

RLCs are students who live in the residence and provide a welcoming, family-oriented environment. They will help you develop the skills needed to become an independent and strong individual and transition from living at home to your new residence home.  They plan and implement educational and social programming, help you find supports for academic or personal issues if you need them, and promote a sense of community within the residence.

How to be a Great Roommate

It is important to sit down with your roommates and have an honest conversation about how you are going to handle different aspects of living together. Here are a few suggestions to start the conversation:

Do you plan to share food?

If you agree to share food:

Sharing of Items 

Discuss whether you will share dishes, utensils, books, clothing, paper towel, toilet paper, laptops, etc.

Cleanliness and Cleaning Responsibilities


Study Times

Overnight Guests

Smoking, Drinking, Drugs


How social are you?