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Project Management Post-Graduate program gives students valuable practical experience

Wemimo Odjede
Second Year Journalism and Communications student and
Intern with Holland College Marketing and Communications department 

Holland College's Project Management program provides future professionals with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on learning to manage projects across organizations, environments, and cultures.

The program equips students with the skill set they need to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and control projects within an institution.

"Project management highlights your skill set and aligns you towards delivering solutions within an organizational context," said Okechuchwu Onoh, Project Management learning manager. "Participating in the project management program makes you relevant in any industry and improves your employability significantly."

Before graduating, students participate in a capstone project to help them demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the skills they have learned over time in organizations.

The capstone matching process between students and organizations is done in the college's Business Analytics Centre. The centre provides comfortable space for students to meet with their industry-based clients.

"The capstone project provides a good chance for students to get retained within organizations they are attached to while also providing an opportunity for good reference for future employment opportunities," Okechuchwu said. 

Tejaswini RanjanTejaswini Ranjan is one of the project management students currently working on her capstone at Biovectra, a pharmaceutical company.

"The program is designed in a way that you're not only learning the theoretical part, but you're also doing the projects. And the capstone is the real-life execution of what you're learning, which has been my kick in the whole program," she said. 

The international student from India said despite her background in law and having worked for over five years in that field, she has always had a passion for project management. 

"After reading good reviews about the Project Management program here at Holland College, I decided to apply, and I have not been disappointed at all. The learning curve has been perfect," Tejaswini said. 

"Even though we are just done with one semester and starting the second one, I have started thinking like a project manager," she said. 

Cornel Andrew LyatuuLike Tejaswini, Cornel Andrew Lyatuu, another project management student, said the open field project managers operate on drew him to the program. 

"As a project manager, you're not tied to one industry. That means whichever field there's an opportunity, you can fit in there. That means all the doors are open for us," Cornel said. 

With two job offers already, Cornel said it shows he can fit into the industry after he graduates. 

For more information, visit the Project Management Post-Graduate program page.


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