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College launches job board

Wemimo Odjede
Second Year Journalism and Communications student and
Intern with Holland College Marketing and Communications department 

Holland College recently launched a job board on the college website for current students and alumni.

The board's purpose is to showcase job opportunities from employers interested in hiring the college's students and graduates. The board is not limited to jobs on the Island. There are opportunities from companies all over Canada offering remote and onsite employment. 

On the job board, students and alumni can access full-time, part-time, and contract opportunities across various sectors and industries.

The job board is similar to the WorkPEI, Job Bank, and PEI Health Jobs sites, where you can search for jobs. 

"We help students prepare their resumes and cover letters. We make sure they have the solid portfolio needed for a job application," said Haley Doherty, a student career and employment advisor.

Susan Shaw, located at the Tourism and Culinary Centre, ageed.

"We also give students mock interviews to prepare them for anything they're going for."

Susan encourages students and alumni to look through the job board when searching for jobs. 

In addition to helping set up resumé and getting ready for job interviews, Haley and Susan can also help you explore your interests, skills, and values to identify career options, and develop your job search skills through various platforms, as well as giving you other career advice. 

Both Haley and Susan urge students and alumni to visit the job board often, as new opportunities are added almost every day as more employers find out that it is available.  

For help with your job search, resumé writing, and interview preparation, contact Holland College Employment and Career Services at

For students in programs located at the Tourism and Culinary Centre, please contact Susan Shaw at For students in programs located at the Georgetown Centre, Prince of Wales Campus, Summerside Waterfront Campus, and the West Prince Campus, please contact Haley Doherty at

Visit the Student and Alumni Job Board here.

For more information, please contact:
Sara Underwood, Media and Communications Officer
Tel: 902-566-9695
Date: January 27, 2023