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Information for mature applicants

Please note: If you meet the academic admission requirements of the program to which you are applying, you do not need to apply as a mature applicant.

If you do not meet the academic admission requirements, check with Admissions to find out if the program you are interested in considers mature applicants.

Not all Holland College students are fresh out of high school. If you have been out of school for a few years, or have already completed or partially completed some post-secondary training, take a look at our information for mature applicants.

If you are 22 years old by the day of registration for your program and have been out of school for more than one year, you can apply to attend Holland College as a mature student. Applications by mature students are evaluated differently from applicants who have just finished high school.

Many schools recognize that mature students have life experience that younger students may not have, from their workplaces, their homes, or from learning independently.

When you apply for admission at Holland College, we consider all of this experience and any academic credentials you may already have.

If you are a mature student who has not met all of the admission requirements for your program of choice, you may still be accepted, but you will need to provide a letter outlining why you believe that you have prior experience and learning to compensate for the missing requirement. To do this, you must:

In order to better determine a mature applicant’s suitability for the program they would like to take, mature applicants may be asked to participate in aptitude or achievement assessments.

For more information, please email Shelly Bradley at sbradley@hollandcollege.com.