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Essential Information

COVID-19 Ease-Back Plan Phase 3 

As a result of the increased number of students and staff returning to Holland College buildings in the next few weeks, Phase 3 of the Holland College COVID-19 Ease-Back Plan has been implemented. View the Phase 3 orientation presentation here. View the complete Phase 3 plan here.

Learn more about Holland College's onsite procedure here.

Download COVID Alert: Canada's free exposure alert app!

Respectful Learning and Working Environments

Holland College is committed to creating and maintaining respectful learning and working environments, a community in which students, staff, administrators, and others can work, live and learn together, free from all forms of harassment, exploitation, intimidation and discrimination. To review our policies on these matters, follow the links for information. (All links open in a new window)

Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, Harassment & Discrimination

Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy

Receiving and Investigating Complaints of Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, Harassment & Discrimination

Student Safety

The safety of students and staff is of the highest importance to Holland College. Knowing what to do in the case of an event that constitutes a crisis or an emergency is crucial. We have an Institutional Safety (Emergency Response Information) link on all College computer desktops for ease of access. To review our safety procedures, follow these links:

Emergency Response Procedures

Crisis Management

Crisis Management - Weapons on Campus

Closures and Delays

Winter weather can be unpredictable on PEI, to review our board policy on centre closures and delays due to adverse weather and other circumstances, follow this link:

Centre Closings Due To Adverse Weather and Other Circumstances

Closures are posted on our website when required. In the case of a closure or delay, you will find the information here.

Student Code of Conduct

You electronically agree to abide to these policies as you create your network Holland College account.  To review our student Code of Conduct policy and the Student Rights and Responsibilities policy, follow these links:

Students Rights and Responsibilities

Student Code of Conduct

Holland College Computer & Networking Acceptable Use Policy for Students

Student Success

It is our goal for you to succeed here at Holland College. To review documents that will explain the monitoring of student progress, student misconduct, attendance requirements and student appeals to help you achieve academic excellence, follow these links:

Monitoring Student Progress

Student Attendance

Student Misconduct

Student Misconduct (2)

Student Appeals

Tobacco-Free and Smoke-Free Environment

Holland College takes pride in providing a tobacco- and smoke-free work and study environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors. To review our policy, follow this link:

Tobacco & Smoke Free Environment

Accidents and Injuries

To ensure that accidents and injuries involving students are dealt with effectively and to inform yourself of the process for reporting student accidents and injuries, follow this link:

Student Accidents and Injuries


To see the process for filing a complaint, follow this link:


Confidentiality of Information

Holland College is committed to taking every reasonable step to protect the confidentiality of the information contained in the records of students. To review our procedures on sharing information, click here:

Requests for Transcripts & Release of Student Information

Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy and Access to Information Policy

Permission to Share Information with a Third Party

Holland College cannot share or discuss a student’s progress, status, or financial information unless the student has provided authorization through the completion of this form:

Authorization to Exchange Information with a Third Party

Organizational Structure

To find out about Holland College’s organizational structure follow this link:

Holland College's Organizational Structure

Statement of Mission and Values

To see Holland College’s Statement of Mission and Values follow this link:

Holland College's Statement of Mission and Values


If you have any questions, contact owelcome@hollandcollege.com.