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Employment Offerings

The following is a list of employment offerings at Holland College. All competitions are unrestricted and we would ask all qualified applicants to apply. However, in keeping with the terms and provisions of the college's various employment and collective agreements, priority will be given to internal candidates.

Click the competition number for details.

Open Competitions

Competition Number Title/Description Application Review Date Date Posted
24-01 Maintenance HVAC Technician Mar 10, 2024 Jan 17, 2024
24-06 Maintenance Craftsperson Mar 12, 2024 Jan 16, 2024

Closed Competitions

Competition Number Title/Description Successful Candidate
24-13 Sessional Instructors - Spring Semester Pending
24-04 Digital Marketing Specialist Pending
24-12 Recruitment and First Year Advisor Pending
24-11 Early Childhood Educator Pending
24-10 Research Associate - Data Analytics Pending
24-09 Maintenance Repairman Pending
24-08 Learning Manager - Atlantic Police Academy Pending
24-03 Manager - International Development Pending
24-07 Early Childhood Educator Jayne Crane
24-05 Groundskeeper Pending
A24-01 Instructor - Tourism & Travel Management Julia Clayton
24-02 Instructors - China Joint Education Venture Program Pending
23-90 Student Support Aide - Charlottetown Madison James
A23-09 Kitchen Cleaner Jahanzeb Ali
23-89 Administrative Support - Student Services Elizabeth Jorgensen
23-87 Lab Assistant - Heritage Retrofit Carpentry Tyler Holmes
23-86 Service Worker - Summerside Suzette Buenvenida
23-85 Recruitment and First Year Advisor Brett Caissie
23-84 Recruitment and First Year Advisor Eryn Callin
23-83 Service Worker - PWC Andrea Retamal
23-82 Learning Manager - Wildlife Conservation Technology Nicole Murtagh
AE 23-21 English Language Instructor for LINC All positions have been filled
23-79 Sessional Instructor (Winter Semester) - Nutrition Megan Dowling
23-76 Applied Research Coordinator Bridget McKenna
23-80 Service Worker - Summerside Rick Ponczek
23-78 Learning Manager - Automotive Block Release Ryan Mooney
23-72 Registered Nurse Megan Trainor
AE23-20 Early Childhood Educators - LINC Program All positions have been filled
23-77 Administrative Support - Arts, Media & Community Studies Melissa Peters
23-74 Information Technology Support Technician Bethan Davies