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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Navigation Courses do I need to take?

The course requirements for each Certificate of Competency vary. Please contact your local Transport Canada Examiner to find out exactly what combination of training and sea time you will need to complete your CoC. Also, refer to the Marine Personnel Regulations: https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/sor-2007-115/

This FAQ document pertains to the navigation courses only, there are other short courses that you may also need to complete such as Marine First Aid, Marine Emergency Duties, Radio, etc.


When can I start the Navigation Courses?

These courses can be started anytime between September and June. Each course is self-directed study which means that the instructors provide the study material, and each student works at their own pace. There are no scheduled "classes", but an instructor is available for guidance either face-to-face, or by distance from Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm AST.


How long is each course?

The length of time spent preparing for each Transport Canada exam will vary depending on the student. Please see the course list for fees and a recommended length of prep time for each course. Tuition for Navigation courses is valid for 12 months.


Can I study from home or do I have to study at the College?

Many of our navigation courses are now available as "distance study packages". These packages contain all of the study material in pdf format and the student is given access to them in a shared folder. Instructors are available by phone or email to assist as needed. Please contact us for a current list of available distance courses.


Are there any prerequisites for the Navigation courses?

Currently there are no prerequisites for navigation courses; however, for some courses a basic understanding of math is helpful. For higher level courses, prior knowledge of algebra and trigonometry is also helpful but not mandatory.


Do I need any tools to complete the course?

Yes. Pencils, pens, notebook/binder/paper and a scientific calculator (cell phone calculators are not permitted during TC exams). For some distance courses we may also mail you textbooks or tools that you may need (charts, etc.). All library books must be returned to the school or you will be charged the cost to replace them.


Can I challenge a higher-level exam?

At this time, Transport Canada allows students to challenge the higher-level exam for the following courses: ASTRO1, CG1, CP1, EK1, MET1, SCS1, SCS3, SM2. We recommend that students challenge the higher-level exam whenever possible.


Where can I write the Transport Canada exams?

These navigation courses are intended as preparation for the Transport Canada exams. You will not receive any training certificate upon completion of these courses. The Navigation exams are administered by Transport Canada – when you are ready to challenge an exam, you contact your local TC office to request an exam date. Generally, two weeks' notice is required.

Other Questions? Please feel free to contact the Learning Manager at mepunch@hollandcollege.com