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College announces establishment of new wellness centre

A new wellness centre on the Prince of Wales Campus in Charlottetown will centralize health and wellness supports, mental wellness, and education services for students, staff, and their families, Holland College President, Dr. Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald announced today.

“The college committed to implementing more supports and inclusion in our strategic plan,” Dr. MacDonald said. “What our students learn in the classroom is only one element of the education we aim to provide. Holland College wants to ensure its students enter and leave the school knowing that they are welcome, supported and seen, and ready to be productive members of society. We also want our staff and their families supported so we can create this type of environment.

Holland College plans to renovate and expand a building the college already owns on Kent Street to accommodate the centre. The three-story building will offer a broad, integrated suite of services including a health clinic with two nurse practitioners, student academic support services, and career, mental health, and academic counseling. There will also be a focus on healthy living emphasizing the importance of sleep, diet, exercise, and social interaction.

The Province of PEI has committed $2.4 million toward the capital cost of the project. The remaining funds will be provided by the college through external fundraising.

“As students embark on their journey towards a career, mental health and well-being continue to be essential for success,” says Education and Lifelong Learning Minister, Natalie Jameson. “Providing students with resources to support their mental health is key for a positive experience while they continue their post secondary education. The Government of PEI is committed to providing the necessary tools for students to have a bright future of learning, creating, and accomplishing their goals.”

The comprehensive wellness and health centre will have satellite offerings at all campuses and centres across the province to provide full-service supports and to encourage student engagement.

“We recognize that, increasingly, the needs of our students are broader than the development of career skills and goals. We want to provide an integrated, supportive environment so our students can grow in our community and lead healthy, empowered, and productive lives,” Dr. MacDonald said. “We also want to ensure that our staff and their families have timely access to the appropriate health and wellness supports they require.”

Some of the services that will be located in the new wellness centre are already provided at the college, but the centralization, expansion, and integration of both existing and new services will ensure that no students or staff are left without the supports they need.

The new centre, which has a projected cost of $4.8 million, is expected to open in September 2023.

In this picture (L-R): Holland College President, Dr. Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald; Honourable Natalie Jameson, Minister of Education and Lifelong Learning; and Doug Currie, Vice President, Corporate Services, Strategic Development and Stakeholder Relations for Holland College discuss the college’s plans for a new wellness centre.

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