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College most recognized of 20 post-secondaries in region

Holland College holds the highest reputational rating in the region, placing first out of more than 80 organizations and 20 post-secondary institutions in a research survey conducted in 2019 by Narrative Research.

Eight out of 10 Islanders who participated in the research gave Holland College positive scores (scores of 7 to 10) when they were asked to rate the reputation of the college along with 20 other post-secondary institutes and more than 80 organizations from across the region.

Along with an impressive reputational rating, Islanders gave the college high points for familiarity. The college was first out of the 20 higher education institutions included in the research, well above the familiarity norm for the higher education sector. Overall, the college received a familiarity rating of 95 per cent, placing it fifteenth regionally.

Holland College President, Dr. Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald, is pleased with the results of the survey, but not surprised.

“Holland College has a 50-year history of community and industry involvement. Most Islanders have some sort of connection to the college, whether they are retirees, employees, graduates themselves, or have relatives who have attended or worked at the college,” he said.

“We are delighted that the college received such a high regional reputational rating in this survey. It shows that our commitment to providing relevant, high-quality training is meeting the needs of our students and employers.”

Download the Narrative Research report here.

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