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Atlantic Police Academy

APA and CPKN to co-host webinar

The Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) and the Atlantic Police Academy will co-host an online presentation on the Violence Link, on October 8 at 12 p.m. AST. The violence link is the link between animal abuse and other violent crimes on humans.

It has been established through decades of evidence-based research that where there is animal abuse there is a high probability that a violent crime has or will be committed on a human.

Presenter Sgt. Teena Stoddart, Ottawa Police Service, will discuss the evidence based research and cases involving partner assault, pedophilia, human trafficking, how dog fighting funds gang, and organized crimes.

Sgt. Stoddart will discuss how police officers, animal welfare officers, victim services professionals, and veterinarians can recognize the violence link during investigations, and the effect they can have on community safety for all living beings. 

The webinar is presented free of charge to police officers, animal welfare enforcement officers, by-law officers, victim services professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, veterinarians, and politicians concerned about community safety.

The Violence Link and Recognizing Human Violence is the third presentation in the CPKN’s Network Webinar Series. CPKN was established in 2004 in response to a recognized need for cost-effective and efficient training and knowledge sharing for Canadian police and public safety professionals. Members of the police community collaborated with government and academic organizations including the National Research Council Canada, the Police Sector Council, and Holland College‘s Justice Knowledge Network to create CPKN.  

In this picture: Sgt. Teena Stoddart, Ottawa Police Service. 

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