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New broadcast journalism course introduced

It's a new world for journalists. Today, editors often expect reporters to put together stories not only for print, but also for broadcast and the Internet. That's why Holland College is introducing a new, four-week course to the second year of the Journalism program.

During the mandatory Broadcast Journalism course, students learn the basics of video journalism. They learn how to write, shoot, edit, and voice-over news stories, which are then posted online in The Surveyor, the students' newspaper. Hands-on workshops and news gathering in the field help students develop the editorial and technical skills needed.

Journalist Erin Moore will teach the course, joining veteran editors and instructors Wayne Young and Rick MacLean in the Journalism program. Moore has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Ryerson University with a specialization in Broadcast Journalism. She also has a Master of Global Journalism from Örebro University in Sweden. Since 1999, Moore has worked as a television reporter for the CBC in Toronto, Halifax and Charlottetown. In 2006, she worked as a journalism trainer in Accra, Ghana. She currently reports for CBC TV in Charlottetown.

"We have graduates working in radio and TV already. But last fall, editors told us students applying for jobs at their newspapers also need broadcast journalism skills, so I'm thrilled we're able to introduce this course so quickly, with an instructor as qualified as Erin," MacLean said.

In this picture: Erin Moore

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