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College signs ten new agreements with UPEI

Officials from UPEI and Holland College were on the UPEI campus today to sign a record number of diploma-degree agreements for the two Island post-secondary institutions.

The ten articulation agreements allow students who graduate from Holland College diploma programs to ‘block transfer' credits to enter the second or third year of the Arts degree program at UPEI.

"We are responding to research indicating that an increasing number of college students are interested in pursuing university degrees after completing their college diplomas as they see tremendous value in a university education," says UPEI president, Wade MacLauchlan. "And the more flexible options we can offer to potential students, the better it is for both institutions and for the Province of PEI."

Brian McMillan, president at Holland College agreed, "The agreements that include the business management programs are ‘remarkable' because of their breadth and cross-disciplinary nature. They allow graduates from these programs to integrate their business studies into the arts and pursue a degree in any arts major. Consequently, graduates will have a well rounded learning experience
which will enable them to attain greater success in their personal lives and career paths."

While the two institutions have 19 similar arrangements in place for other programs, today's signing ceremony is significant as the new agreements all result in an Arts degree. Diploma programs covered include Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism and Travel Management, Marketing and Advertising Management, Golf Club Management, Professional Golf Management, Accounting Technology, Business Administration, Retail Business Management, Human Services, and Child and Youth Care Worker.

Richard Kurial, Dean of Arts at UPEI worked closely with Michael O'Grady, VP Innovation, Enterprise and Strategic Development at Holland College in bringing today's event to fruition.

Hon. Allan Campbell, Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning added, "The emerging job opportunities of both rural and urban Prince Edward Island will require both technical skills and high levels of education. The agreements signed today recognize that need and make it easier for your Islanders to gain the benefits of both college and university education. I'm very pleased to see these two schools cooperate for the good of young Islanders and of the whole Island community."

In this picture: UPEI Dean of Arts Richard Kurial and the Hon. Allan Campbell look on while UPEI VP Academic, Jim Randall, Holland College President Brian McMillan, UPEI President Wade MacLauchlan, and Holland College VP Innovation, Enterprise, and Strategic Development Michael O'Grady sign ten new articulation agreements.

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