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School of Visual Arts and Journalism

Students host Media Expressions showcase

by Sherri Hogan

In an exciting new venture, students of the Holland College Photography and Interactive Multimedia programs have joined forces to showcase their work. The show, titled 'Media Expressions,' will be presented to the public and all interested parties in the Atlantic Technology Centre lobby at 90 University Avenue, Charlottetown. The opening night is May 13th from 4:00 through 8:00pm. The work will be available for viewing May 13th through May 20th.

At first glance, the relationship between the fields may seem minimal, but upon closer investigation the goals and even techniques have surprising commonalities. Communication through visual expression and innovative use of technology link the two disciplines in an era of rapid change and convergence. While each field and each individual piece of work can be viewed independently, this unique show will galvanize the connections for the viewer.

The general theme of the Photography Showcase is the integration of technology in our lives. There will be 24 prints interpreting a wide variety of themes and all using some visual feature of The Technology Centre as a base for the images. Photographs will also be viewed as projections in unique venues around the lobby.

The Interactive Multimedia showcase will explore how visual design and computing combine to create new creative art. Students have integrated multiple media elements-- graphics, animation, video, and the web-- to produce working designs in collaboration with community artists, agencies, and volunteer groups. These projects include web-based games promoting veterans' commemoration, DVDs on aboriginal scientific knowledge, and web designs supporting community literacy and innovation. The exhibit will be animated by the student's motion and sound designs, which augment traditional media using digital effects.

The Saunders Investment Group at TD Waterhouse Investment Advice are excited to be sponsoring this show. Cyrilla Saunders, Branch Manager and Investment Advisor noted, "TD has one of the largest art collections in Canada, and we at TD Waterhouse Investment Advice are very interested in supporting and encouraging future Photography and Interactive Multimedia students in their creative endeavors. We look forward to taking part in this show!"

For more information about this release, please contact:
Sara Underwood, Media and Communications Officer
Tel: 902-566-9695
Date: Thursday, May 06, 2004