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College sets new strategic priorities

by Maria Driscoll

The Holland College Board of Governors has approved the College?s Strategic Plan for 2004-2005 including a number of goals and priorities for the College in the year ahead.

"On Prince Edward Island, Holland College is a key participant in the post secondary education and training sector. It is a vital participant in the local labour market and is the primary provider of occupation-specific training in the province," commented Alex MacAulay, President of Holland College. "With this in mind, the College?s goals and priorities for 04/05 will focus on program quality, student success, labour market needs and financial growth."

College priorities include:

Expansion of the successful high school transitions program;
Continued development of College programs achieving certification and national accreditation, expansion of articulation and joint program offerings with the university community and pending provincial approval, continued development of Applied Degree programs in those areas identified by industry as requiring advanced training - culinary, justice and health;
Increased international recruitment activities including a comprehensive strategy for College development in this key growth area;
Continued development of the College?s applied research capacity;
Examination of the College?s role in the delivery of technical programming potential in the growing bio-resources sector;
The introduction of a new Sport and Recreation Department which will focus on three key activities: developing post secondary programs related to population wellness; enhancing the overall quality of student and staff life; and promoting wellness across the College community.Over the past ten years the College has been engaged in a comprehensive facility enhancement plan. Part of that process will see the closure of the Summerside Centre at the end of June, 2004. MacAulay stated that program quality is the College?s number one priority. For College students to receive the best education and training possible, the College has to ensure that its students have the best of technology in state of-the-art facilities made available to them. To achieve this, the College has enhanced some of its existing facilities or if required, new facilities have been constructed.

"In the last year, the College has made significant investments, approximately $13M, in facilities and program expansion at the Marine Training Centre in Summerside and the Atlantic Police Academy in Slemon Park," commented MacAulay. "Last year, over 2,000 students participated in training activities at the Marine Centre. The expected ongoing economic impact on the City from the Marine Centre alone will be in excess of $2,000,000 annually." As it does in the Eastern end of the Island with Centres in Georgetown, Montague, and Souris, MacAulay added that the College will continue to have a presence in West Prince. The West Prince Career Enhancement program is ongoing and discussions with the community are taking place as to the development of a community-based training model for the Practical Nursing program.

In 2004/2005 the College will develop a proposal for a new facility to be located in proximity to the Charlottetown Centre. This new facility will be the College?s flagship for training and related services and will offer learners and employers access to state of-the-art technology and training settings, both on its premises and through partnerships with leading business innovators. The facility will develop and expand the College?s focus on e-learning. It will also include an expanded and modern library to support the College?s initiatives in applied research and applied degrees and it will serve as a gathering space for speakers, presentations and events.

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