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College honours ACCC Excellence Award winners

by Sherri Hogan

Three awards given for teaching, leadership, and staff excellence were presented to members of Holland College staff during the College's annual Professional Development Day held recently in Charlottetown.

Presented in accordance with the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC), of which Holland College is a member, these awards are given for specific purposes and are based on specific criteria including commitment, impact on students and community, team work, performance and contribution, creativity and leadership. College staff, co-workers, and students are provided the opportunity to recommend to a Selection Committee, the names of individuals who they feel are most deserving of these special awards.

"The exceptional contribution of these staff members serves as a model of excellence for all staff," commented Alex MacAulay, President of Holland College. "They have given so much of themselves to make the College a better place for our students, staff and community."

Honoring a faculty member who has exhibited consistent excellence in teaching and who has made a significant impact on the personal and academic growth of students is this year's recipient of the Holland College Teaching Excellence Award, Nigel Roe. Nigel has been a Learning Manager with the Graphic Design program since 1980.

"The work of this Learning Manager, along with his reputation as a world-class artist, has, for over 20 years, continually enhanced the prestige of Holland College," commented Don Carroll, Program Manager, Media and Computer Studies Unit at the College. "The primary beneficiaries of Nigel's expertise and commitment to learning have been his students. Nigel is always there for them, offering advice and assistance and lending the support they need to succeed. His commitment to excellence and his reputation as a renowned artist encourages students to meet his high standards. At the same time, Nigel doesn't impose his artistic philosophy upon his students but rather encourages them to apply their skills in a manner consistent with their own strengths and personality."

Colleges and institutes have traditionally played a leadership role in the communities they serve. Although the entire institution participates, inevitably, one or two people make an outstanding contribution each year. And so too does this unique individual. Referred to as 'Gentleman Extraordinaire...the epitome of professionalism...a marvel and amazing leader...Mr. Culinary Institute of Canada... Chef Hans Anderegg, this year's recipient of the Holland College Leadership Excellence Award.

Chef Hans came to the College 12 years ago and since then has endeared himself to students, peers and the Island community. Dave Harding, Programs Manager at the Culinary Institute of Canada, made the presentation saying, "Hans' abilities as a coach and Instructor are simply remarkable. He is one of the early pioneers in the culinary field who shared with Islanders his love of the culinary field and his knowledge and passion for food and professional hospitality - his commitment to his profession and community have always been a priority. Through his involvement in the province's tourism and hospitality festivals and events, he has significantly raised the awareness of both the Culinary Institute and the province of Prince Edward Island. He has an attitude that is admired and respected by all who know him. Hans is someone who gives 110% every day, asks for nothing in return and is the first one to say 'I will do that'. He is one of those individuals who can brighten your day with his presence."

The Holland College Staff Excellence Award honors a staff member who has made an exceptional contribution within the institution and community and serves as a model of excellence for all staff and was awarded to Brian Lambert, Quality Co-ordinator at Holland College.

"Brian came to the College in 1983 as an Instructor in the Fisheries Technology program and later the Seafood Processing Technology program. In 1997, when the College adopted the ISO Quality management System, the Board turned to Brian to take on this huge and daunting task," commented Calvin Caiger. "Using his intelligent, accessible, good- humored and oh so patient manner, Brian lead the College through the challenging ISO process. He is the 'champion' of the ISO system and with his sense of teamwork, creativity, understanding and absolute commitment to quality, he has managed to make the entire staff proud of our College's continuing achievement of excellence. In his role of Quality Coordinator, he has affected the quality of education being received by the College's full and part-time students."

The three Holland College 2004 Excellence Award winners will now have their names forwarded to ACCC in Ottawa for consideration at the national level later this summer.

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