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The Holland College Dental Assisting program offers current theoretical and practical training designed to graduate dental assistants who display competence consistent with all skills required to work safely, effectively and ethically within a dental practice. Graduates will be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes required by industry for entry level dental assistants to ensure consistent safety and competency in dental practice.

The Holland College Dental Assisting program develops graduates who are able to:

  1. Maintain a safe environment for both patients and co-workers
  2. Display professional conduct appropriate to a dental setting
  3. Compile and maintain patient records
  4. Apply principles of practice management in a dental professional setting
  5. Demonstrate competence in all Intra Oral Dental Assisting core national skills
  6. Provide instruction regarding disease prevention, post-operative care, nutritional counseling and oral health education to patients and community groups
  7. Perform required dental laboratory procedures as a member of the dental health care team
  8. Maintain patient care clinic and laboratory equipment to prescribed health and safety standards

The Holland College Dental Assisting program collaborates with local industry leaders, and educational organizations as well as National Dental Assisting organizations to ensure that graduates are able to meet all aspects of the profession of dental assisting.