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Graphic Design Courses

PEI Occupational Health and Safety

An overview of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Prince Edward Island. Students examine the legislation, how PEI employees are protected while on the job and the responsibilities of employees and employers.

Hours: 0
Course Code: SAFE-1005

Design 101

Learn the elements, variables, and principles of design using a project-based approach. Develop conceptual, creative, and critical thinking as applied to graphic design.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-1000

Color 101

Learn the theory and practical application of color used in graphic design solutions. Develop an understanding of the effective use of color and its impact on an audience.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-1010

Graphic Design History 101

Explore the beginning of visual communications in various ancient civilizations. Learn about the invention of writing and the alphabet, Asian contributions, illuminated manuscripts, the invention of printing in Europe, and the evolution of typography. Examine Renaissance graphic design, design in the Industrial Age, the invention of photography, Victorian-era trends, Arts and Crafts Movement, and Ukiyo-e and Art Nouveau.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-1020

Structural Drawing 101

Develop the required skills to create a well designed structural drawing. Discover the strategies and methods to produce effective design and to solve visual challenges. Utilize time management, research skills, design principles, typography, colour choice, and drawing skills to create hand-crafted posters.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-1030

Typography 101

Typography is one of the essential tools of graphic design and visual communication. Develop the ability to critically assess typography in its day to day application. Examine the roots of language and alphabets and develop a vocabulary of typographical terms. Learn the classification of typefaces and how to select type to meet client and market needs. Examine expressive and experimental typography in contemporary graphic design.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-1040

Design 201

Focusing on creating effective design solutions for client-based scenarios, develop conceptual, creative, critical thinking and presentation skills. Apply and further develop an understanding of primary and secondary design elements, variables, and principles using software to create digital design solutions based on project objectives.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-1050

Color 201

Examine the dynamic effects and uses of colour in creating illusion, distortion, emotional impact and theme to achieve desired concepts. Explore the effective use of colour in client-based projects.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-1060

Graphic Design History 201

Continue to examine the history of graphic design. Develop an understanding and appreciation of graphic design including: the beginnings of 20th century design, the influence of modern art, pictorial modernism, the new language of form, the Bauhaus Movement, the modern movement in America, the International Typographic Style, the New York School, the evolution of corporate identity and visual systems, conceptual images, national visions within a global dialogue, Post-Modern Design, and the digital age.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-1070

Structural Drawing 201

Develop conceptual thinking and the ability to solve visual problems graphically using vector illustrations. Discover the strategies and methods to produce effective design and to solve visual challenges. Utilize time management, research skills, design principles, typography, colour choice, and drawing skills to create vector illustrations.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-1080

Typography 201

Typography is one of the essential tools of graphic design and visual communication. Explore the production of digital type as well and study type history. Utilize various software applications with an emphasis on contemporary typographical principles.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-1090

Design Projects 301

Examine a series of typical design problems such as brand development for individuals and companies, corporate packages, annual reports, marketing materials, brochures, pamphlets, editorial magazine spreads, posters as part of a promotional/marketing package, menu design, food and retail packaging, and t-shirt design. Experience all development stages, from identification, conceptual development, art direction, presentation and pre-press production requirements.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-2000

Prepress 301

Learn the development, selection and evaluation of production processes. Explore "the back end" of graphic design including the ability to get designer concepts to production and print, while meeting client and production process limitations.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-2010

Technology 301

The technology of graphic design ranges from the pencil and swatch book to the computer's hardware and software. Knowing how and when to effectively use these tools is an essential skill for any graphic designer today. Develop skills in digital hardware and software as identified by the graphic design industry. Graphic, draw/paint, page layout and image manipulation software are the key components.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-2020

Typography 301

Typography is one of the essential tools of graphic design and visual communication. Building on the competencies developed in Typography 101 and 201, further develop typography and production methodologies through application to real typographical problems and issues.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-2030

Web 301

Learn to create digital graphics that will work functionally, coherently, and aesthetically in multimedia interfaces. Explore the foundations of HTML, XHTML, CSS. Examine how user-centered visual design can shape information to meet audience needs. Develop and use practical strategies for ensuring that designs transfer seamlessly to different multimedia production environments, without loss of visual quality. Navigational structures, usability approaches, UI and streamlined production strategies will all be considered.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-2040

Design Projects 401

Develop design solutions to client specific requests or projects. Develop the ability to write proposals, explore ideas individually or in a team, establish and meet deadlines and design to meet market needs.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-2050

Prepress 401

Prepress 401 is a continuation of the course work started in Prepress 301. Develop competencies in a variety of areas including: color separation, sheet layout, collecting files for output and proof and product evaluation.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-2060

Design for Digital Media 401

Develop an understanding of how social media platforms can be used to reach target markets and optimize graphics for various platforms. Use analytics and testing to determine how to be effective social media content creators.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-2070

Web 401

Explore the foundations of CSS and JavaScript. Learn text formatting, graphics, links, tables, forms, and cascading style sheets. Examine the organization of websites and effective interface design. Create standards-compliant sites optimized for different users and different kinds of internet-enabled devices.

Hours: 75
Course Code: GDES-2080

Professional Development 401

Explore various business models, government regulations and ethics required to set up a business as a freelance designer. Develop an understanding of design business practices including developing business and marketing plans, establishing prices and quotes and creating budget proposals. Explore and apply various self promotion and marketing strategies.

Hours: 75
Course Code: PROF-2090