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Dental Assisting Courses

PEI Occupational Health and Safety

An overview of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Prince Edward Island. Students examine the legislation, how PEI employees are protected while on the job and the responsibilities of employees and employers.

Hours: 0
Course Code: SAFE-1005

Dental Anatomy

Students are exposed to basic dental terminology, head and neck anatomy and physiology, the natural dentition, and the development of the teeth.

Hours: 45
Course Code: ANAT-1105

Foundations of Dental Assisting

Students gain an overview of the dental assisting profession, including professionalism, effective communication, ethical and legal rigths in the dental setting. Students gain a basic understanding of microbiology as it relates to infection control. Through clinical practice students are introduced to dental equipment, dental procedures, and sterilization while following principles of infection control.

Hours: 75
Course Code: DENT-1000

Clincial Skills and Procedures

Students develop competency in all intra oral skills that fall within the scope of practice for intra oral dental assistiants in Atlantic Canada.

Hours: 111
Course Code: DENT-1100

Dental Charting

Students gain competency in the skill of dental charting and managing information found within a patient chart. Students interpret information found within dental patient charts, transfer information delivered through verbal dictation into a patient chart and create graphic representations of existing and required treatment into a patient chart.

Hours: 36
Course Code: DENT-1105

Oral Health and Nutrition

Students examine the oral disease process in order to teach patients about maintaining oral health. Students explore the importance of the interrelationships of nutrition to oral health and disease in order to assist dental clients in achieving optimum oral and general health.

Hours: 60
Course Code: DENT-1115

Dental Office Management

Students gain knowledge and practical experiences related to basic dental office management. Students develop competencies in patient and office communications, appointment control, recall systems, patient accounts, dental claims, financial records, office corespondence, filing, and supply systems for the dental office setting.

Hours: 36
Course Code: DENT-1200

Dental Radiography

Students focus on radiographic techniques as well as processing and mounting radiographs. Through a combination of theory and clinical experiences, students gain the knowledge and skills required to demonstrate the basic principles of radiography and safely operate radiography equipment.

Hours: 75
Course Code: DENT-1205

Dental Specialties

Students examine various specialties in the dental field, inlcuding orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, and pedodontics.

Hours: 90
Course Code: DENT-1210

Dental Lab Skills

Students fabricate custom impression trays, mouth guards, whitening trays, splints/stents and occlusal rims.

Hours: 81
Course Code: DENT-1215

Pharmacology and Medical Emergencies

Students explore the importance of obtaining a detailed medical history and vital signs. They gain an understanding of medications and their possible interactions. Students interpret signs and symptoms of medical conditions that may lead to an emergency. Students acquire skills to assist with managing patients with special needs.

Hours: 36
Course Code: DENT-1225

Preventative Dental Procedures

Students gain the knowledge and skills to provide patient care in specific areas such as vital whitening techniques, enamel sealants, desensitizing agents, anticariogenic agents, coronal polish, and amalgam polish.

Hours: 50
Course Code: DENT-1330

Dental Assisting Practicum I

Students observe procedures within a dental clinic as well as perform limited chairside skills. This practicum is designed for the student to integrate their knowledge and demonstrate competency in skills and knowledge gained thus far in the program.

Hours: 35
Course Code: PRAC-1105

Dental Assisting Clinical

Through clinical experiences students build on learned and demonstrated completencies in coronal polish, anticariogenic agents, desensitizing agents, enamel sealants, amalgam polish, and radiographs. Students provide patients, of the dental clinic, with oral health education and nutritional counseling.

Hours: 60
Course Code: PRAC-1315

Dental Assisting Practicum II

Students perform effectively as an Intra Oral Dental Assistant while exhibiting professional conduct in the work place. This practicum is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to integrate their knowledge and demonstrate competency in all skills gained throughout the program.

Hours: 140
Course Code: PRAC-1320