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Equipment, Tools, and Safety Gear

All equipment, tools and safety gear is required from the start of the program.

These costs are estimates intended to help you budget. If you have any questions regarding your dive suit, please contact your local dive shop.

Please note: A custom-made suit requires at least 6-8 weeks for delivery, so your order should be placed by July 1.

Item Approximate Cost
Dry suit (neoprene or rubber) with detached hood, inflation valve located in centre of chest, inflation hose with large connector (i.e. Apex) or adapter. $1,280
Dry-suit underwear and socks $240
2 pairs of 3-finger neoprene mitts (at least 5 ml thickness and loose fitting) $150
Fins (large foot pocket for dry suit) >$150
Cotton shirt & pants for chamber wear (hospital scrubs or PJs) $50
Overalls $100
Rain suit $100
Exercise gear and running shoes Varies
CSA approved work boots $120
Dive knife/rigging knife $20
8” crescent wrench $15
TC approved PFD working vest (personal floatation device) $50
CSA approved hard hat (type 2/class E or G) any color but white $50
Hearing protection (ear plugs) for shop use Varies
Approximate Total $2,325