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The Facebook Guide for Investigators

Course Section:2021SYR APA-FGI-0801

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Facebook continues to be the largest social media site with over 1.8 billion users worldwide (2016). However, many investigators are either reluctant to use, or fail to fully exploit Facebook and it's phenomenal search engine. This is due to: - A fear of social media in general and Facebook in particular - They have never been taught how to properly exploit Facebook - They rely on the office "geek" to find the information for them (who often misses a lot of the available information) By learning to properly use Facebook and all of it's features an investigator can gather information on: - Their suspect (and possibly locate other suspects) - Their witness (and possibly locate other witnesses) - Their victim (and possibly locate other victims) - The crime itself (video and images) - Monitor events This training is designed to be as realistic as possible and will simulate, through actual scenarios, what an investigator is likely to encounter - no matter what section they work in. After successfully completing The Facebook Guide For Investigators the student should have a better understanding of: - Introduction to Facebook - Firefox and Facebook - A detailed look at the Facebook settings - Finding your subjects on Facebook - Facebook Graph Search - The "other" Facebook Graph search and RSS - How to save Facebook searches - Facebook, hashtags and Hootsuite - Facebook myths and legal stuff Evaluation Methodology: After each section there may be either a short quiz or scenario to reinforce the student's understanding of the concepts being taught. The final "exam" will be a realistic investigative scenario that the student may encounter and will require you to employ all of the modules covered in order to satisfactorily "solve" the file.

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