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Internet Investigations - Level I

Course Section: APA-II1-0812

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Maximum number of candidates: 28.

This program is usually offered at government training facilities as a 4.5 - 5 day / 35 - 40 hr classroom program. The beauty of this training is that it can be used by anyone in any investigative capacity; from patrol to Homicide to Drugs to Intel. As the investigator moves from one section to another this training will continue to be relevant. This module is done at the students own pace, all students learn differently and not all students begin with the same skill set: - Some are advanced and may find this module too easy however, I guarantee that you will learn something new - Most are comfortable around computers and will get a lot out of this module - Some students taking this module have limited computer skills and Internet investigative experience and will therefore benefit the most from this program. This training is designed to be as realistic as possible and will simulate, through actual scenarios, what an investigator is likely to encounter - no matter what section they work in. After successfully completing Internet Investigations - Level I the student should have a better understanding of: - Introduction to the Internet - How the Internet Works - Definitions and other useful "need to knows" for warrants - Legal Issues - How to get around MLATS (Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties) - Portable Apps - Firefox - Firefox Add-ons - Bookmarks - Google - Counter Surveillance - Hiding in Plain Sight - Open Source Searching - People, "nics", usernames, phone numbers, emails - Account Takeovers - A lot of complaints come in about accounts being "hacked" - What to do - Internet Hoaxes - A lot of complaints come in about online hoaxes that appear real - What to look for This knowledge will allow the student to articulate, for both a search warrant and the courts, what the Internet is, how it works and how information is gathered.

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This is an Industry Standard Credit.

What you will need for this course:
All necessary software and tools are included with each module and belong to the student.

- A laptop or desktop running either the Windows or MAC operating system. These courses are designed for an "off the shelf PC" - the standard, issued piece of equipment found in all government offices. - A 4GB (minimum) USB - Be able to install programs (computer Admin access) - The Firefox or Chrome web browser but NOT Internet Explorer

Because we all learn at a different pace, and come to these courses with different levels of knowledge, all students are required to take the Internet Investigations - Level I. Students can register and begin the course at any time. Students work at their own pace meeting provided benchmarks.

Mark Fenton, Cyber Training

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Course Cost:


Course Cost

40 hour(s)

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Please note: Students are only able to register for a course after they have completed any of the pre-requisites listed above.

Please note: If English is not your first language, you are required to meet Holland College’s English proficiency requirements prior to commencing studies. Recognized English proficiency tests can be found at the following link: Language Skills