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Using your Holl Pass Card

Your Holl Pass card is necessary for you to use your flex spending account, building access, printing and photocopying needs, library, vending machine purchases, gym membership, and off-campus partner discounts.

In addition to being used as your student identification, the card can be used for quick and convenient payment at many locations on campus. Simply present your Holl Pass card at any of the locations below, and tap, and go! New locations are being added regularly, so keep checking the Holl Pass card website for updates. Your Holl Pass card cannot be used to purchase alcohol, cigarettes or lottery tickets.


The Holl Pass is accepted at the following locations.

Prince of Wales Campus

  • Holl Pass Card Office located in the Centre for Applied Science and Technology
  • Charlottetown Centre Credit Union Café
  • Charlottetown Centre Library
  • Centre for Community Engagement Canteen
  • Self-serve Kiosk (located inside Credit Union Café)
  • Samuel's Campus Store
  • Selected Vending machines

Tourism and Culinary Centre

  • Cafeteria
  • Resource Centre
  • Self-serve Kiosk (located on main level lobby)


  • Main hall

Atlantic Police Academy

  • Student Resource Centre

Marine Centre

  • Student Lounge


  • Student Lab

West Prince Campus

  • Library

Summerside Waterfront Campus

  • Resource Centre
  • Self-serve Kiosk (located hallway across from main office)

Samuels Campus Store

Simply load money on to your Holl Pass card and use it at Samuels campus store in Charlottetown. It is a much more convenient way to pay for textbooks, apparel, and all of your living essentials needs. Just tap and go!

Food Services

The Holl Pass is accepted at the following locations. Consult the campus map for the location of all Food Services facilities on campus

Food Service Locations

  • Kent Street Café (CAST)
  • Credit Union Café (Charlottetown Centre)
  • Kent Street Café (CAST)
  • CCE Café
  • Tourism and Culinary Centre Cafeteria
  • Tourism and Culinary Centre Dining
  • Tourism and Culinary Centre Serve and Go


Your Holl Pass is your official library card.

Photocopiers & Printers

You can use your Holl Pass at any of these printing and photocopying locations.

The cost per page for both photocopying & printing is $0.11.


Centre Location Room Number
CC Hallway outside Production  
CC Hallway outside of Computer Services  
WFC Resource Centre  
TCC Resource Center  
APA Student (Resource Centre)  
Georgetown Main Hall  
WFC Corridor C-19  
CC 1st Floor West Wing (outside Recruiting)  
TCC Front Foyer  
CC Library  
WPC 1st Floor - Outside Administration  
WPC 2nd Floor - Outside staff room  
CAST 1st floor  
CAST 2nd floor  
CAST 3rd floor  
CCE 3rd floor  


Printers connected to Print Release Station:

Centre Location Room Number
CC Resource Centre 103C
WFC Resource Centre TBD
TCC Resource Centre 337

Printers connected via pop-up print release software:

Centre Location Room Number
Georgetown Computer Lab LAB
CC CNET Lab 205W
CC CIS Lab 107W
CC Retail Business Management 110
CC Accounting - open area 153W
CC Business Administration classroom 140W
CC Business Administration classroom 141W
CC Sport And Leisure 220W
CC Business Lab 236W
CC Business Lab 239W
CC Health Lab 101E
CC Health Lab 231E
CC Video Game Art & Design YR 2 19C
CC Bioscience Lab printer 204C
CC EAST program Analytical Chem lab 205C
CC Wildlife program 215C
CC BIO/Wildlife/Enviro 224C
CAST General use network printer 1st Floor
CAST General use network printer 3rd Floor
CAST CAD lab colour printer 114
CAST Bioscience Lab printer 324
CCE Fitness Centre 204
275 Kent Street School of Perf. Arts - Computer Lab. LAB
TCC Lab 1 327
TCC Lab 2 335
TCC Lab 3 336
TCC Culinary Lab 242
Marine Student Lounge 124
Marine Computer Lab 201
Tignish Student Lab 209
WFC Literacy Lab 084
WFC Wood Manufacturing 171
WFC Electrical 151
WFC Automotive Lab 122
WFC E-Health Lab 070
WFC E-Health Lab 078
WPC Computer lab 213
WPC Library 203
WPC Administrative asst. classroom 205