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New Students

Your Holl Pass Card is needed to photocopy/print on campus. It can also be used for meal plans, food services, campus store purchases, vending machines, gym and residence access, and library card. The Holl Pass Campus Card Office, located in room 118 on the main level of the Center for Applied Science and Technology (CAST Building), officially opens August 17, and will be open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. The office will remain open for Holl Pass related inquiries but it strongly recommends online photo submissions instead of in person processing of cards.


To get your Holl Pass card: you must be registered into courses here at Holland College: the Holl Pass Office will no longer offer in-person photo id’s or services until further notice. To receive your Holl Pass, please send us in a selfie following the guidelines provided below. Pick up details and locations for your respective programs are also provided below. For all distance students, if you would like your card mailed please see the mailing information below.

Step One: Register for your classes
We can only produce cards for students who are fully registered in a current or upcoming term.

Step 2: Submit a Selfie
Take a photo, or have a friend take a photo of you with the following guidelines:

Your photo must be:
  • Current
  • In Colour
  • A .jpg format
  • On a white, smooth background
  • Centered
  • Show a front view of face
  • Cropped like a passport
  • Show open and visible eyes
  • Be appropriate
  • Wear prescription glasses if you normally do so.
Your photo must NOT have:
  • Filters used or be altered in any way
  • Hats, sunglasses or other obstructing items
  • Shadows
  • Other visible people or objects in the photo


Step 3: Email your photo.
Please email hollpassphoto@hollandcollege.com and attach your photo. Use your student ID number as the subject line and provide the following information in the body of the email:

Full Name:
Student ID Number:

You will receive an email notification to the email attached to your online photo attachment stating we have received the submission. If your photo does not meet the requirements, we will contact you to submit another photo. If your photo meets the requirements, we will notify you when your card will be ready for pick up. Pick Up Locations are provided below for Holl Pass card distribution.

If you would like your card mailed to your address: All cards mailed within USA & Canada are $15.00. International addresses are $25.00. Please deposit the mailing fee on your flex spending account online, by logging in to your account at the top right-hand corner of https://hollandcollege.com/hollpass/. Please note that only credit cards are accepted.

How do I deposit funds onto my Holl Pass?

There are several ways to deposit funds onto your Holl Pass:

  1. Online, by logging in to your account at the top right-hand corner of this page
  2. At the Holl Pass office.
  3. At any Holl Pass dispensers and reloading machines.
    Click here to log into your account.
    See adding funds to your card for further information.

Holl Pass Pick Up Locations:

  • Prince of Wales Campus - for all programs located on the Prince of Wales Campus, Holl Pass cards will be distributed at the Holl Pass office located in the main lobby of the Centre for Applied Science and Technology Building. Please do not stop by the office unless you have been notified that your card is ready for pick up. Holl Pass Office hours are 8:30 am-4:30 pm.
  • Tourism and Culinary Centre – Rhonda Powers located in the lobby if the TCC building: Rpowers@hollandcollege.com
  • Summerside Waterfront Campus – Andrew Dobson located in the hall of the main entrance: adobson@hollandcollege.com
  • APA - Andrew Dobson: adobson@hollandcollege.com
  • West Prince Campus – Julie Gavin: jlgavin@hollandcollege.com
  • Georgetown Campus – Phyllis MacPhee: PmacPhee@hollandcollege.com
  • Marine Training Centre - Laura Cormier: LCormier@hollandcollege.com

Lost Cards/Replacement Cards
If you are a returning student and have lost or misplaced your Holl Pass, or currently have an expired Holl Pass, please follow the same photo submission process outlined above. The replacement fee for a lost card is $20 which must be taken off your flex spending account. To load funds on to your flex spending account, please refer back to the section on How do I deposit funds onto my Holl Pass?

Students with a physical disability

The Holl Pass Card Office is wheelchair accessible for students with a physical handicap.

You must keep your card for the duration of your studies at Holland College. To learn more about your Holl Pass Card and how to use it, please visit Managing your Holl Pass.