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The Holl Pass was introduced to enhance the overall student experience by seamlessly integrating a number of functions with one card.

Holl Pass is not only the official Holland College student and staff identification card; it's also use for food purchases, vending machines, library card, access control, photocopying and printing, campus store purchases, and partner discounts! Holl Pass allows students to have access to money safely and conveniently.

Green Initiative: Holland College has taken a number of steps to reduce its carbon footprint, starting with the recently built Centre for Applied Science and Technology. The Holl Pass was implemented to reduce the amount of unnecessary paper consumption throughout all of its campuses by making both staff and students more conscious about their printing and photocopying needs.

The Holl Pass has many benefits for both students and parents.

1. Security

The Holl Pass is secure. The card contains your name and a colour picture of you. If your card is lost or stolen, you can deactivate your card immediately to protect your funds. This prevents funds from being stolen. Unlike a credit card, the Holl Pass has a photo, which allows merchants to quickly confirm whether the bearer is the cardholder before allowing it to be used for a transaction.

2. Convenience

You can add funds online, which also eliminates waiting in line at the Holl Pass office or cash to card reloading machines. As soon as funds are added to your card, they are available for use immediately.

3. Savings

The Holl Pass has no monthly or transaction fees. Account balances from the Prince of Wales meals plans (only) are automatically carried over from one academic year to the next and must be transferred into your taxable flex spending account.

4. Accessibility

You can manage your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Holl Pass also acts as a "one-stop shop" where students and parents can add funds on their accounts for a variety of uses.

Click here to log into your account.

5. Peace of mind

If your Holl Pass is lost or stolen, your funds aren't necessarily gone for good, as it is the case with cash. You simply need to deactivate your card in order to protect your funds. See lost or stolen cards.

6. Parental access

Parents can easily add funds to a Holl Pass by logging on through the parent section at the top right-hand corner of the page. Parents simply need your student number and last name. They can only add funds. They don't have access to your transaction history.