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Evan Sherren, Precision Machinist 2014

CNC machinist for Tronos
Member of the Skills Canada PEI board
Skills Canada PEI 2015 and 2016 gold medal winner
Skills Canada National Competition 2015 silver medal winner

Why did you choose the Precision Machinist program?

I had the opportunity to work in the field prior to deciding to pursue machining as a career. I knew that it was something that I was interested in, so decided to enroll at Holland college.  There I learned the fundamentals of machining before continuing my education at NBCC.                                                         

Was there anything about the program that surprised you?

The only thing that I can say surprised me, since I worked in the industry already, was the history of the industry. Just how far it dates back and how much it has evolved over centuries. 

Do you feel that the program prepared you to enter the workforce?

The program prepared me in all aspects; with technical training being the biggest, but I also developed communication skills and I learned how to build a proper resume. On the job training secured me a position where I’m still working today.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in this field?

Bring your best math skills, prepare yourself to troubleshoot, be a critical thinker, and be as creative as you can. You are embarking on a career of endless learning opportunities and new challenges.

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