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How to Opt Out of your Student Health Plan

By HCSU Health Plan Administrator, Sam Gallant. 

Having access to a comprehensive health and dental plan is a great benefit of becoming a full-time student at Holland College. Your student health plan is facilitated by the Holland College Student Union and paid for by fees included with your tuition payments. But what if you already have health and dental coverage? Maybe youre covered by a parent or partners plan, or you have a plan through your employer. In that case, you have two options:  

  1. You may choose to keep both your private plan and student plan to be eligible for up to 100% coverage using both policies. Your student plan will automatically become your primary plan while you’re studying at HC - no action is required.


  1. You can opt out of your student plan. 

To do that, you will need to provide proof of your alternative coverage and complete the opt-out process. Follow the guide below to learn how to submit your proof of coverage and receive your refund.

You must opt-out before the Sept.29th, 2023 deadline.

Am I eligible to Opt Out of the Health & Dental Plan?

To opt out of “Extended Health and Dental” you MUST provide the policy number and name of the insurance company that covers you (this can be found on your benefit card provided by your private provider). To be accepted as an equivalent private policy your plan needs to have coverage for things such as prescriptions, vision care, eyewear, dental visits, dental cleanings and physiotherapy.  

Opting out as an International Student

*Applicable to International students ONLY: To opt out of the "Medical (International)" a PEI Health Card is required. If you do not have one and want to see if you are eligible,  visit  

When is the deadline to opt out?

The opt out period is from August 14, 2023 - September 29, 2023.
Please ensure you opt out during this time, as late opt-outs will NOT be accepted.  

Opt-Out Instructions - Video tutorial

Step-by-Step Opt-Out instructions (with Screenshots)

1. Visit

2.  On the first screen type Holland College Student Union” in the required field on the left side of the screen



3. Select if you are a domestic (Canadian) or international student  

4. Once you are on the main screen select “opt out” on the left side 


5. You will need to enter your Student ID number. Ensure that it is a total of 9 numbers. If your student number is only 6 digits long you MUST put 000 in front of it to make it 9. (For example: Student # is: 243567 enter 000243567).

6. Select the start month of your program  

7. Select your program  


8. Complete all required fields on the opt out form .

9. Input your proof of equivalent coverage (Upload PEI Health Card/Enter policy # and Insurance Company name. 

10. Select the plans you want to opt out of: Health, Dental, Medical (International). complete-the-required-fields-in-the-opt-out-form.png

11. Submit your completed form.

That’s it!

Once you submit your form, the request will be processed, and a refund will be issued. It takes 7-10 business days for your request to be processed. If you have an outstanding balance on your tuition fees, the refund will be deducted from your tuition cost. If you do not owe any tuition, you will be issued a cheque.  





If you have any questions about your Student Health and Dental benefits, contact the HCSU Health Plan Administrator, Sam Gallant @  


For more information, please contact:
Michelle MacNeil, Social Media Officer
Tel: 902-566-9695
Date: June 29, 2023