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Canadian eMotorsports Network F1 Series Season Preview

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - The Canadian eMotorsports Network is set to go racing once again.

After a pair of test sessions conducted over the last two weeks, the Network’s second league, which will be played on F1 2020 for the PlayStation 4, officially begins Thursday with the Inaugural Grand Prix, to be contested at the virtual Albert Park circuit in Melbourne, Australia.

The broadcast will begin at 7:25 p.m. EST, streamed live on the Canadian eMotorsports Network Facebook page.

Network Formula 1 Series commissioner Geordie Carragher is looking forward to getting the series underway.

“Over the course of our testing, we’ve identified so many areas of potential with this series, with both the drivers and the game itself,” he said. “We’re looking forward to debuting another exciting product as we continue to grow the Canadian eMotorsports Network.”

The full field of 20 drivers will pursue two championships over the course of the 16-race season: An individual Drivers Championship, and a Constructors’ Championship to be contested in teams of two. Teammates will drive identical cars in the races, with the only difference being the number on the car itself.

The inaugural Formula 1 season will feature 12 drivers who also compete in the Network’s NASCAR series, with eight of those drivers currently being in playoff positions.

Notably, collisions are turned off for this series, although the cars can still incur damage and crash out on their own accord.


Here is a breakdown of the ten teams that will make up the 2020 Canadian eMotorsports Network Formula 1 Series.

519 E-Racing: NASCAR Series regulars Jason Butler (car number 28, Canada) and Jason MacQuarrie (car number 66, Canada) will run Bugatti power units, with sponsorship from Rampage Coffee Company. Butler’s best finish in the test sessions was fourth at Circuit Zandvoort in the Netherlands, while MacQuarrie did not compete in either test session.

Alpha Flow Racing: This Honda-backed team with sponsorship from Centennial Auto Sport & Tire and Logitech G will feature a pair of NASCAR Series regulars in Daniel Cudmore (car number 2, Canada) and Michael Dimitroff (car number 19, Bulgaria). Cudmore grabbed a podium position in testing, finishing third at Zandvoort and seventh in the first test at Sochi. Dimitroff also grabbed points in both races, finishing ninth in Sochi and sixth at Zandvoort.

Ares Racing: The Ferrari-powered Ares cars will be an interesting team to watch this season. Ivan Reynolds (car number 67, Canada) finished 11th in both test sessions, while NASCAR Series leader Darcy Ford (car number 64, Canada) joins the series after not competing in either test session, making Ares something of a wild card as the season progresses.

Hurricanes eMotorsports: Representing Holland College, Hurricanes eMotorsports will have backing from Logitech G, Centennial Auto Sport & Tire, Leon's Charlottetown and Fix Auto Charlottetown in their Honda-powered cars. Corbin MacAulay (car number 80, Canada) is a familiar name to those who watch the NASCAR Series, and he was tied for sixth overall with 12 points in the two test sessions, his best being fourth at Sochi, where he started from pole position. Meanwhile, his teammate, Colin Doran (car number 71, Canada), did not finish his lone test session at Zandvoort.

I-B-PRO-FUN Motorsport: Perhaps the most fun name in the field, the Toyota-powered team features two NASCAR Series regulars, and will be one to watch with its growth as the season progresses. Blake Bernard (car number 88, Canada) grabbed the team’s lone official constructors point at Zandvoort, though his teammate, Ryan Gibson (car number 83, USA), won the test race in a thrilling finish at Sochi, when he was still a free agent in the series.

MCRaceLab: Mark Cox (car number 98, Philippines) led the charge for this Honda-powered team. He led all drivers in the test sessions with 40 points, including a win at Zandvoort and a third-place finish in Sochi. His teammate, Alan Doucette (car number 81, Canada) grabbed two points in his lone test session at Zandvoort.

North Border Racing: This Ferrari-powered team established itself as a top-tier contender for the Constructors’ Championship in the test sessions. Zach Sullivan (car number 65, USA) finished second in both Sochi and Zandvoort, while also taking a bonus point for having the fastest lap in Sochi. Meanwhile, his teammate, Don Kasza (car number 22, Canada), finished fifth in Sochi and seventh at Zandvoort, giving North Border a series-best 53 constructors’ points.

Silver Hornet Racing: Taking many cues from the famed Silver Arrows, Silver Hornet is the only team on the grid to be powered by Mercedes. Silver Hornet is comprised of brothers Cody and Darcy Cudmore (car numbers 15 and 75, respectively, both representing Canada), both of whom are brothers to Alpha Flow’s Daniel Cudmore. Each driver only appeared in one test session, but both were impressive as Cody Cudmore finished sixth in Sochi, while Darcy Cudmore turned in an eighth-place finish at Zandvoort.

Three Rivers Racing: The only fully American team in the Formula 1 Series, Three Rivers Racing carries over from NASCAR, though they will run Ford engines instead of the Chevrolet manufacturer they feature in the NASCAR Series. Jason Maluchnik (car number 21) finished 13th in the Zandvoort test session, while Lee Campbell (car number 60) grabbed fifth place at Zandvoort after a DNF in Sochi.

True North Racin’: True North Racin’ is another carryover from the NASCAR Series, so expect these Renault-powered machines to make plenty of progress throughout the season. Mike Marini (car number 42, Canada), who just won the Canada 125 in the NASCAR Series on Tuesday, should be a contender as the season goes along, though he finished 12th in both test sessions. His teammate, Seth McLuckie (car number 25, Canada) has shown bursts of speed in the test sessions as well, finishing eighth in Sochi before falling to 15th at Zandvoort.


For more information on the Formula 1 Series, or the Canadian eMotorsports Network in general, please visit hollandcollege.com/esports, or follow the Network across social media @eMotorsportsCAN.


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