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Computer Information Systems Courses

PEI Occupational Health and Safety

An overview of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Prince Edward Island. Students examine the legislation, how PEI employees are protected while on the job and the responsibilities of employees and employers.

Hours: 0
Course Code: SAFE-1005

Business Communications

An introductory course on professional oral and written communications for a business workplace. Using typical office software tools, students apply written and oral communication techniques appropriate for a variety of situations.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-1150

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

An introduction to object oriented programming. Students learn about problem solving strategies. Using a high-level object oriented programming language, students design and develop functional computer programs using fundamental programming concepts.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-1201

Intermediate Object Oriented Programming

Building on previous knowledge and skills in object oriented programming, advanced programming concepts are analyzed and implemented. Detailed analysis and use of object-oriented techniques are a focus.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-1232

Database Management

A focused view of databases and how to use structured query language (SQL). An in-depth study of the relational model with a brief introduction to object relational model. Students develop strong skills in database modeling, relational operations, database design, normalization, and implementation.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-1246

Web Application Development

An introduction to modern web development through the use of HTML5 and modern CSS libraries. As well, students create, publish, and maintain interactive web pages based on a variety of web design considerations and techniques.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-1280

Principles of Information Security

An examination of current standards of due care and best business practices in Information Security with a focus on evaluation and selection of optimal security posture. Students explore evaluation of security models, risk assessment, threat analysis, organizational technology evaluation, security implementation, disaster recovery planning and security policy formulation and implementation.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-1290

Operating Systems

Exploring both Windows and Linux environments, students install, configure, and maintain operating systems. Hardware components, such as CPUs, memory, and storage devices, are examined in the context of a functional system. Graphical tools, command-line tools, and scripting are explored.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-1300

Network Communications

Students learn how data moves between devices using the standards and protocols employed in networks and the Internet. Students explore Network Infrastructures, the OSI model, Internet communications, Web Server technology, and Domain Name Services.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-1360

Windows Programming

Skills in creating object-oriented/event-driven windows-based applications are acquired. Visual design standards are emphasized when creating the user interface. The focus of this course is on developing visual multi-tiered applications.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-2225

Advanced Object Oriented Programming

Advanced programming tools including model view controller frameworks, database integration, web services, and serialization are used to allow students to develop complex systems. Students are introduced to object oriented application testing, maintenance, and modification.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-2232

System Analysis and Design

Addressing the breadth and depth of object-oriented system analysis and design using a multiple iteration approach. Students investigate, analyze, evaluate, document user requirements and design a business information system. Students apply object (Unified Modeling Language) modeling techniques to document business process, data requirements, and system design. Development of strong verbal and written communication skills, project management skills and effective teamwork are practically applied.

Hours: 60
Course Code: CIS-2245

Mobile Application Development

An introduction to mobile application development programming for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Object oriented programming skills learned in prior application programming courses are enhanced. Data persistence is used to allow apps that provide solutions to business needs. Interfaces to external services will be implemented to improve app capabilities.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-2250

Application Development Final Project

Students analyze and design an application, including a relational database, for a client-server environment using the concepts acquired during previous courses. Application development environment must meet the identified requirements. Testing of software product and documentation of results, written user documentation and development of an implementation plan are essential.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-2261

Internet Programming Part I

Students become familiar with client-side javascript programming in a web environment. A number of modern Javascript frameworks are explored.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-2286

Internet Programming Part II

An introduction to server side web programming. Students become familiar with the PHP programming language, and concepts involved in server-side programming. Database connectivity, session management, and web services are also introduced.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-2288

On-The-Job Training

On-the-job training provides students with an opportunity to relate program skills and knowledge to a relevant work environment. Students assume the duties normally expected of an entry-level person in a similar position with appropriate supervision. Using their own observations and initiative, students are expected to acquire and apply new skills as may be expected of a new employee.

Hours: 360
Course Code: CIS-5500

Take - 1 course(s) from the following, minimum grade: 60%

Introduction to Information Systems

An examination of various administrative information systems used by IT analysts at various levels. Emphasis is placed on systems that serve to assist the programmer or business analyst with regard to coding and project management.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-1160

Take - 1 course(s) from the following, minimum grade: 60%

Business Fundamentals

Explore technologies and business processes in business activities and how to employ them efficiently. Students examine each department and function within an organization, such as finance, marketing and human resources and how a business operates, using organizational structures and business ethics.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-1170

Introduction to Healthcare Informatics

An introduction to e-Health with a focus on the similarities and differences in how e-Health compares to traditional Information Technology. Students are exposed to healthcare organizations and operations commonly associated with e-health, including Canadian and international governing bodies. Both the technical and business needs of an e-Health organization are explored. In addition, students examine information security and its importance to e-Health systems.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-1180

Take - 1 course(s) from the following, minimum grade: 60%

e-Health Business Fundamentals and Messaging Infrastructure

An examination of health coding systems and standards, as well as the technical framework and messaging systems used in e-Health development projects. It also examines how software and hardware developers are working together with standards organizations to deliver quality e-Health solutions.

Hours: 45
Course Code: CIS-2180