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Information for Parents

The Holl Pass is not only the official Holland College student indentification card; it's also a meal plan card, library card, residence card, photocopy and printing card and campus debit card! The Holl Pass allows students to have access to money in a safe and convenient manner using their student cards. The Holl Pass integrates cards for a variety of campus services into one multi-function card. This service was designed to include a wider variety of services over time.

Why Add Funds to the Holl Pass?

1. It's easy

Adding funds is fast and easy for parents. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can add funds from anywhere in the world using the parent link on the right.

2. It's secure

The Holl Pass website is available any time day or night and allows students to easily deactivate their card at anytime if it is lost or stolen. Once a card is deactivated, funds are protected and can't be used by anyone. We strongly recommend a card be deactivated immediately if it is lost or stolen.

The Holl Pass also contains the student's name and a colour picture of the student. The photo on the card enables merchants to quickly confirm whether the bearer is the cardholder.

3. It offers peace of mind

You can be rest assured that students aren't spending their Holl Pass funds on non-essential items. Alcohol, cigarettes and lottery tickets cannot be purchased with a Holl Pass. Only locations approved by the College accept payment with a Holl Pass. Consult the list of locations where the Holl Pass is accepted. The card also encourages students to carry as little cash as possible while on campus.

4. It's convenient

The transaction history allows student to monitor every transaction, including the merchant or service and the amount. With the online Holl Pass management function, students no longer need to line up on campus to load funds onto their student cards. Everything can be online or at the Holl Pass Service.

5. It's simple to use

The Holl Pass is very easy to use. Students simply need to "tap" their card on the transaction reader. No cash to carry, PIN number to remember or receipt to sign!

6. There are no interest charges or monthly fees

Unlike a bank account or credit card, the Holl Pass has no interest charges or monthly fees.

7. It makes a great gift

Adding funds on the Holl Pass makes an ideal gift for any student. The card is a great way to send some encouragement or to say "hang in there" during exams.

How to add funds to the Holl Pass?

The College recognizes that students are young adults and are responsible for their own finances. However, if you wish to add funds on your child's Holl Pass, you will need their student number. You will also be asked to enter their last name. Under no circumstance will the College provide any transaction information to parents.

The most convenient way to deposit funds is online by login as a parent on the top right of this page.

A minimum deposit of $10 is required when adding funds online. The maximum amount that can be deposited is $500.

Account Types

There are two types of accounts available.

1. Meal plan account

Parents and students can choose from a variety of meal plans to best meet individual needs, including a plan that saves on taxes. (Due to a change in federal tax savings measures, Prince of Wales Campus meal plan balances CAN be carried over for another year and transferred into a taxable flex spending account. ** $25 administration fee will apply for all fund transfers). Plans are available for students who live on or off campus. For more information on how to choose the best meal plan, consult the meal plan pages.

2. ´Canes Cash Flex Account

The ´Canes Cash Flex Account is designed for all other purchases (i.e. photocopy, print, food services). ´Canes Cash can be carried over from one academic year to the next and can be reimbursed at any time after completing the refund form. A refund fee of $25 applies.

Where can I find more information?

If you would like more information or have questions, consult the FAQ section, give us a call or send us an email.