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What our graduates have to say

Carmen Belanger

The small class size and studio-based courses provided a perfect environment for learning. The variety of foundational classes guided my interests and the focus on drawing — with both creative and figure drawing classes every week — enabled me to develop a strong portfolio to continue my education in the visual arts.


Ali MacNeil

I took the Fundamental Arts program for my first year at Holland College in 2015 and it was the best decision ever. I learned so much in the program and my skills improved tremendously. Gweneth always pushed me to try new things to further my skills with art, and it got me to where I am today, doing what I love with graphic design.


Allison Wolvers

The program made me feel more confident as an artist. I grew and developed my style through Gweneth’s courses and was exposed to resources and concepts that revolutionized the way that I approached art. Gweneth has guided me through my journey to find my style as an artist. She has supported me and her other students, considering what is best for them, and truly motivates students to improve. She is one of the biggest factors to my progress in art.