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Halifax, NS  

During our deep dive training, the Commercial Diving program will provide accommodations. Dives will be completed in seven to 10 days. Associated costs: meals and transportation to and from Halifax (300 kms each way). Students frequently car pool for this trip.

Charlottetown, PE

Required dives to 70 ft. require students to travel to Charlottetown (60 kms each way, no accommodations required). These dives are usually completed in five days, but sometimes we require additional time to complete them. Associated costs: transportation and lunch.

Bathurst, NB

If students are enrolled in the optional Occupational SCUBA course, the deep dive portion requires a one- to two-day field trip to Bathurst, New Brunswick. Transportation to and from Bathurst will be provided. Associated costs: accommodations ($100 for 2 nights, 2 students per room) and meals.