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Meet the Instructors

Kimball Johnston

Graduated from Commercial Diving (1987) and Welding (1985).
Expertise is Welding/UW Welding, Marine Construction, Demolition, Salvage, Ship repair and maintenance.

Certifications include:

  • USS Diver                              
  • USS Supervisor
  • KMDSI Technician
  • Red Seal Welder
  • Diver Medic

Toby Arsenault

Graduated from commercial diving school in 1993 and has been involved in the industry ever since.

Expertise is saturation diving.

Certifications include:     

  • Unrestricted Surface Supply Diver                         
  • Mix Gas Diver
  • ALS Technician
  • Diver Medic

Barry Doyle

Commercial Diving Instructor

Trained by military, in 1981 became ships diver, trained as a clearance driver in 1982, moved to role of search and rescue diver in 1988.

First Aid and CPR instructor, diving supervisor