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Intra-Oral Distance Orthodontics: Theory

Course Section: CEHELTH-ORTHOT-08OG

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This course will present the intra-oral Dental Assistants/Hygienists with relevant technical knowledge and skills which the intra-oral orthodontic Dental Assistant/Hygienist will be expected to perform. The Dental Assistant/ Hygienist will learn to assist the orthodontist in the planning and execution of clinical procedures. The specific procedures include the supervision of occlusal development and/or treatment of conditions of dental facial disharmony. Holland College Distance Intra-Oral Orthodontics is delivered as two courses. Successful completion of both courses are required to apply for licensure in the Province in which you are working. The Theory Course is the first component of the Holland College Distance Intra-Oral Orthodontics Course. Students will be given 3 month of home study to prepare for the exam. Upon successful completion of the theoretical exam, a Certificate will be issued for this course. After successful completion of the Theory Course, students may register for the Practical Course. The Theory Course will be a Prerequisite for the Practical Course. The Practical Course consists of the practical application of skills covered in the theory course. A practical skills evaluation booklet which will be mailed to the student and must be completed by the supervising orthodontist. Students will be given 3 month to complete the 9 skills in the booklet must be signed by the Orthodontist and sent to the names listed. A certificate will be issued to the students at the competition of this Course. Both the certificates (Theory and Practical) must be presented to your licensing body for licensure.

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This is an Industry Standard Credit.


Ruth Thorne
140 Weymouth St. Charlottetown PE C1A 4Z1


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