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The Art of Coaching - Andrews Hockey

Course Section:1920SYR CEGEN-AOC-0316

Coaching in as much an Art as it is a Science. As the science of coaching becomes better understood, the art of coacing becomes a separating factor for great coaches. The Art of Coaching looks at various topics including: understanding different personalities, getting the most out of each individual, and building a team culture.

Additional Information

This program is being offered through the Holland College Customized Training department and will be facilitated by Andrews Hockey.

To register for the course you can click on the Online Registration button above, email, call 902-566-9372 or in person at Montgomery Hall, 305 Kent St. at the Prince of Wales Campus. Note: Minimum of 16 registered/paid participants required.

Brad MacKenzie

Course Cost
$300.00 + HST


Course Details
Start Date End Date Location
Mar 16, 2020 May 11, 2020 Off-Site