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Students Living on/off campus

On campus students

If you're a student who's living or planning to live on campus, purchasing a meal plan will definitely make your stay more enjoyable. Food Services offers a variety of meals and quick and healthy foods that will meet your needs. With your time spent getting to and from classes, studying, socializing and meeting academic obligations, let Food Services do the cooking and the cleaning. Purchasing the right meal plan goes a long way towards making your stay a successful one.

If you have any special dietary needs, we encourage you meet with Ashley, our campus chef and food and beverage manager. This way, we will be able to provide you with information on our best food options for you.

Contact information:
Gloria Hastie | Food Service Director
Chartwells Holland College | Compass Group Canada
P: 902 566 9545

Off campus students

Meal plans aren't simply for students who live on campus. If you commute to campus on a daily basis, there's an option for you. Consider adding funds to your Cane Cash flex account (no tax exemption).

You can top up a tax-exempt meal plan any time before it expires – minimum top up is $25.00.