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Purchasing a meal plan

Not sure which meal plan is right for you? Consider the number of meals you normally eat per week and how often you will be on campus.

To purchase your 2017-2018 meal plan:

Prince of Wales, Credit Union Café Meal plans can be purchased by calling or visiting the Holl Pass Card Office located in the Centre for Applied Science and Technology on the Prince of Wales Campus.

All Tourism and Culinary meal plans must be purchased through:
Hazel Boswall
Admissions / Student Accounts
Holland College Tourism & Culinary Centre
4 Sydney Street
Charlottetown, PE C1A 1E9
Phone (902) 894-6828
Email: hboswall@hollandcollege.com

Once you purchase your meal plan, it will be automatically added to your Holl Pass card. Prince of Wales, Credit Union Café meal plans can be topped up, tax-exempted, at any time before it expires – minimum top up is $25.00.

Semester Meal Plan:

Based on the number of days the college is open in each semester, the pricing the semester meal plan is as follows:

10 Meal Plan
September 4, 2018 to December 14, 2018 $1,440.00
January 7, 2019 to April 30, 2019 $1,480.00

Please note:

  1. If a student runs out of money on the meal plan, for whatever reason (e.g. spending more than $20/ per day, course duration longer than April 30, 2019, etc.), students or parents will be able to load additional funds (still tax free!) into their meal plan account at any time.
  2. College food services are closed on the weekends and for the following holidays:
    1. Labour Day (Monday September 3th)
    2. Thanksgiving (Monday October 8th)
    3. Remembrance Day (Nov 12th)
    4. Christmas break (December 15th to January 7th)
    5. Islander Day (Feb 18th)
    6. March break (March 18-22 inclusive)
    7. Easter break (April 19-22 inclusive)

Monthly Meal Plan

Holl Pass monthly meal plans begin September 4, 2018 and end April 30, 2019. Students can select as many months as they want and still save 15% tax.

PLEASE NOTE: Monthly Meal Plans are currently only available at the Credit Union Café on the Prince of Wales Campus.

Monthly Meal Plan Prices:

Sept 4 - 28 $380.00
Oct 1 - 31 $440.00
Nov 1 - 30 $420.00
Dec 3 - 14 $200.00
Jan 7 - 31 $380.00
Feb 1 - 28 $380.00
March 1 - 29 $320.00
April 1 – 30 $400.00