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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Holl Pass

The Holl Pass is your official Holland College identification card (i.e. student card) while you are a student. The Holl Pass has a declining balance account that allows you to easily add funds to use for purchases on campus. The Holl Pass is your key to a wide variety of services. It is many cards in one. Carry your Holl Pass with you at all times when you're on campus

2. Who is eligible for a Holl Pass

Any registered student at Holland College is eligible for a Holl Pass.

3. Where can I use my Holl Pass

Simply present your Holl Pass. Your card has many uses:

  • It provides full time with access to the sports facilities at CCE.
  • It allows you to borrow books at any of the College libraries.
  • It can be used for purchases at any Food Service location on the Prince on Wales Campus, Tourism and Culinary Centre and the Waterfront Campus.
  • It allows you to use the printers and photocopiers on campus.
  • It allows you to use the print release stations.
  • In the Samuel's Campus Store

See Using your Holl Pass for more information.

4. How do I get my Holl Pass

See Getting your card for instructions on how to get your Holl Pass.

5. How do I deposit funds onto my Holl Pass?

There are several ways to deposit funds onto your Holl Pass:

  1. Online, by logging in to your account at the top right-hand corner of this page
  2. At the Holl Pass office.
  3. At any Holl Pass dispensers and reloading machines.

Click here to log into your account.

See adding funds to your card for further information.

6. How do I log onto the online card website?

When you receive your Holl Pass, you will already have access to features that give you access to the library and sports facilities.

Here's what you need to log onto the card website:

  • Students:
    Upon registration you will need your student number and password. This allows you to manage your accounts online. Passwords can be changed in the active directory.
  • Parents:
    In order to be able to add funds to a student account, you need to enter the student number and last name

7. I have purchased a meal plan. Will it be added automatically to my Holl Pass?

Yes. Any meal plan you purchase is automatically loaded onto your Holl Pass

8. Can I have multiple accounts on my Holl Pass?

Yes. Your Holl Pass gives you the flexibility of having two accounts:

  • Meal plan accounts

    Food Services offers a variety of declining meal plans to cater to your individual eating habits. The meal plans vary from larger plans for students living on campus to smaller flexible options for students living off campus. For more information on meal plan options, consult the meal plan pages.

  • Flex plan account:
    A flex plan account is for any expense other than a meal plan. All purchases other than meal plans are made with your flex plan account.

9. Can I Use funds in my meal plan account or transfer them into my ´Canes Cash account?

*Note: For all Tourism and Culinary Center (TCC) meal plans, funds from this purchase are non-transferable and non-refundable. The meal plans offered at this centre are unit based and do not work off a declining balance debit style card. For meals plans purchased at the Prince of Wales campus (Charlottetown Center Location), the tax-exempt portion can be transferred into your taxable flex spending account. You will need to complete a transfer form in person at the Holl Pass Service. You will be required to repay the exempted taxes (if applicable) AND an administration fee of $25 (this amount will be deducted from your transfer). No transfer form will be accepted after the dates mentioned below - without exception!

  1. For meal plans starting in September:
    you can submit a transfer form in person between December 3 and December 21 at the Holl Pass Service.
  2. For meal plans starting in January:
    you can submit a transfer form in person between April 1 and April 30 at the Holl Pass Service

10. How can I check my balance?

There are a few ways to check your balance:

  • Online, at the top of the page
  • At any food service location
  • At the Holl Pass card station
  • At the Holl Pass office (by phone or in person)

11. What do I do if my card is lost or damaged?

The first and most important thing you should do is deactivate it right away. This will prevent anyone else from being able to use the funds on it. You can deactivate your Holl Pass online, by phone or at the Holl Pass Office. If your Holl Pass is damaged, go to the Holl Pass Service or at InfoService to get a replacement card. A $20 fee (tax included) applies for all replacement cards. You must bring a piece of valid photo identification to receive a new Holl Pass

12. If I lose my Holl Pass, do I lose the Funds I have on it?

Not if you deactivate your Holl Pass before someone had a chance to use your card. It's important to deactivate your Holl Pass as soon as you realize that it has been lost or stolen since, you are responsible for all transactions made prior to the card being deactivated. Once your Holl Pass is deactivated, go to the Holl Pass office get a new one. The funds on your Holl Pass will be transferred to your new Holl Pass. A $20 fee (tax included) applies for all replacement cards

13. What do I do if I lose my Holl Pass during the evening or on a weekend?

If your Holl Pass is lost outside business hours, deactivate it online. If you must use a Holl Pass before you can get your replacement card, get a visitor card from a card dispenser and use it until you can go to the Holl Pass Service to get a replacement card. You will need to add funds to the visitor card. Note: Funds remaining on the visitor card will not be transferred onto your Holl Pass. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use all services, including the Library or Sport Services, until you get a replacement Holl Pass.

14. If I found my lost card after I deactivate it, can I reactivate it online?

No. However, if you have not been issued another Holl Pass, you can have it reactivated in person at the Holl Pass office. Once a new Holl Pass is activated, any other Holl Pass’ will become inactive and should be destroyed if you find them

15. If someone uses my Holl Pass card before I deactivate it, can I get credited?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot credit purchases made fraudulently by someone else. This is why it's important to take care of your Holl Pass and deactivate it as soon as you notice it missing. If someone has used your Holl Pass fraudulently, report it the Holl Pass Service as soon as possible so the incident can be investigated

16. What should I do if I find a Holl Pass?

Bring it to the Holl Pass card office located in room #118 of the Centre for Applied Science and Technology.

17. How do I get a replacement Holl Pass and what do I need to bring with me?

To get a replacement Holl Pass, you will need to go to the Holl Pass Service or InfoService during business hours and pay a $20 administration fee (tax included). You must also bring a piece of valid photo identification to receive a new Holl Pass.

18. What Should I do if my Holl Pass doesn’t seem to be working?

If you are having problems when using your Holl Pass, drop by the Holl Pass Service during regular business hours. You may need to get a replacement Holl Pass.

19. Can someone else use my Holl Pass if I give them permission?

No. Your Holl Pass is non-transferable and can be used only by you. In the event your card is used by a person other than you, the card will be confiscated and you may be subject to sanctions, pursuant to College policies. This includes the policy on academic fraud. Refer to the Holl Pass terms and conditions

20. How much money should I add to my Holl Pass for the year?

This will vary from student to student. One of the conveniences of your Holl Pass is being able to easily check your account balance online and add funds when needed. If you're planning to buy a meal plan, visit the meal plan website to find out about the meal plans available. You should also visit the managing your finances website to get information on how to budget your money.

21. If I don’t use all the funds on my Holl Pass during the academic year, do they remain in my account?

All funds in your Holl Pass flex plan account will automatically be transferred from one academic year to the next. Due to federal tax savings measures, funds in the Prince of Wales Campus (Credit Union Café) meal plans can now be transferred or carried over to another academic year for an administration fee of $25. Refer to the Holl Pass terms and conditions.

*REMINDER: For all Tourism and Culinary Centre meal plans (TCC), remaining funds are non-transferrable and non-refundable. All plans have a pre-determined expiry date due to the single unit based system. Students are able to either load or transfer funds ($25 admin fee for transfer only) on to their taxable flex spending account and purchase more than the offered one meal per day.

22. Are the funds from my ´Canes Cash account refundable at any time?

Yes, upon the completion of a refund form. A $25 administration fee (tax included) applies to all refunds. All refunds are issued by cheque