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Flex Spending account

Your Flex Spending Account works like a debit card with no fees. You can load money onto the card to use at all of our food service locations, campus stores, and vending machines. You can check the balance of the flex account online, at the self-serve kiosks (show locations), and at the Holl Pass Card office.

Benefits of your Flex Spending account Plan

  • Your flex spending can be used at all locations that accept the Holland College Holl Pass Card
  • It's a convenient way to pay for miscellaneous items such as food and snacks, beverages, textbooks and campus store supplies, photocopying and printing.
  • Flex spending automatically carries over from one year to the next, and does not have an expiry date. As long as your Holl Pass card is valid, you have access to your Flex spending account.
  • There are no fees when using your Flex spending for purchases
  • It's a convenient way to pay for textbooks or other living essentials at our campus stores in both Charlottetown and Summerside locations, meals and snacks, photocopying and printing, and vending machines.