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Q&A regarding college closure and changes in program delivery

Updated Monday, October 19, 2020

If you are a student and have a question that is not answered here, please email us at student-inquiries@hollandcollege.com

Are students eligible for financial assistance through the Emergency Relief - Worker Assistance Program?
Yes, all students, including international students with legal status to work, who are employed and have experienced an 8-hour or more reduction in their work weeks are eligible for assistance. For more information, visit the Province of Prince Edward Island's Emergency Relief - Worker Assistance Program webpage.

Are there other financial supports?
The Province of Prince Edward Island is offering financial supports. To be eligible for any provincial supports for students impacted by COVID-19, a student must be residing in Prince Edward Island. There is help available to students that are from out-of-province, including international students who are living on PEI. Find out more here.


The following questions relate to the delivery of full-time programs for the 2020-2021 school year. For a detailed list of programs and their respective delivery models, check here.

How did the college decide how each program would be delivered? 
Programs with courses, or components of courses, that are theory based were identified to use distance delivery to avoid large numbers of people on campus to allow us to adhere to the guidelines from the Chief Public Health Office. For programs where students need to be on site to acquire the skills they need, we are ensuring that they can do so safely. 

The plan shows that the college expects to be able to have all students back on site in January, what would change that?
Our intention is to resume face to face classes in January. This could change according to the direction of the Chief Public Health Office. We will continue to monitor the situation throughout the school year and will adjust the plan as required. 
If students want to delay attending the college until September 2021 and had been awarded scholarships, will the scholarships be deferred until then? 
Unfortunately, this is not possible. All awards are presented annually, so if a student decides not to attend Holland College this school year, the award will be presented to the next shortlisted applicant for that particular award. The student would be welcome to apply for the award the following year, but since the applicant pool would be different, there may be other students who are more closely aligned with the criteria for that award.  

Will varsity sports be happening?
ACAA has cancelled first semester sports. The decision to cancel first-semester sports affects men’s and women’s soccer and cross country and women’s rugby, as well as exhibition and early season competitions for men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and badminton. A decision regarding basketball, volleyball and badminton will be made at a later date, as these sports could potentially see a January 2021 start to a condensed season. Under that scenario, exhibition and season play until January would be cancelled and schedules after January 1 reduced. You can find more information on the ACAA website.