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Marketing and Advertising Management grad makes Top 30 Under 30 list

Templeton Sawyer, Class of 2018

photograph of Templeton SawyerWhen Templeton Sawyer arrived on Prince Edward Island to take the two-year Marketing and Advertising Management program at Holland College, he didn’t know that he was embarking on an adventure that would see him continuing his education to earn a degree, starting up a popular podcast, and making Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 list. But that’s exactly what happened to the young Bahamian.

“I came to Holland College to start off my career in marketing and business. While attending Holland College, I had the opportunity to connect with my classmates and instructors to learn more about business. My overall experience with the program led me to think about marketing, accounting and technology to another level,” he says.

“Thinking on another level” involved the development of his podcast, TWEET the Leader in You in 2020. The podcast came about because Templeton wanted to help young people. TWEET is an acronym for Transform With Effective and Enthusiastic Talent, and if you met Templeton, you would most certainly describe him as both talented and enthusiastic!

Each week, Templeton produces an episode of TWEET the Leader in You, sometimes drawing on his own experiences, but also inviting inspirational guests from Nova Scotia, Bahamas, United States, United Kingdom and Australia to share their stories and motivate young listeners looking for inspiration in their own lives.

“Growing up as a kid in Nassau, Bahamas, in high school I was both bullied and ignored,” he told Atlantic Business Magazine. “But I didn’t let that stop me. I believed in myself.”

He graduated from Holland College in 2018. The college’s Marketing and Advertising Management program has six degree pathways, one of which is with Mount Saint Vincent. Under the terms of the agreement, graduates of the program receive two years of credit toward the four-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree, cutting both the time it takes to earn the degree and the tuition fees in half.

Templeton moved to Halifax to pursue his business degree.

“Mount Saint Vincent University was my degree path of choice, and I must say that it was the best decision I have ever made,” he said. 

The following for TWEET the Leader in You continues to grow, and Templeton and his team are developing a website as the podcast gathers momentum. Plans include providing podcast followers with training opportunities to hone their skills and make themselves more employable.

Templeton also works for Teamwork Cooperative Information Resources as an Information Resource Specialist, which is a perfect fit for someone who wants to help others accomplish their goals.

“My role is to gather and disseminate current and relevant career and employment information. I determine the degree to which information and resources meet the needs of individuals and communities in which they are located and provide information on the support services available which can assist them. This gives me the opportunity to market the organization to the best of my abilities,” he said.

It's a long way from the Bahamas to Atlantic Canada, but for Templeton, the journey has provided him with the tools he needs to not only establish a popular podcast, but also to accomplish his personal and career goals.

For more information about TWEET the Leader in You visit tweettheleader.com.

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