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Architectural Technology grad puts skills to work on 2D and 3D models

Jadon Abriel
Architectural Technology 2018

Jadon Abriel came to Prince Edward Island from Kingston, Nova Scotia, to take the Architectural Technology program. He liked the idea of studying on the Island, and the apartment-style residences of Holland College appealed to him.

He chose the Architectural Technology program because he was interested in the design and drafting aspects of the program and in working in the building industry.

"I realized my interest while taking construction and production technology classes in high school. I enjoyed and succeeded in these classes. I developed skills in drafting items and building them in the workshop. This type of work seemed to fit my interests, skills, and personality," he explained.

The two-year program teaches students about architectural building sciences, the principles of architectural and engineering design, materials of construction, the preparation of contract documents and AutoCAD.

Since he already had a summer job lined up after graduation, Jadon didn’t start searching for a position in the field of architectural technology for a couple of months, but within four weeks of starting his search he received a job offer.

Jadon now works for a multi-disciplinary architectural firm.

"I take the basic design idea of a building and, with the help of the architect, produce a set of architectural working drawings or plans that are used by the contractor to construct the building. Using computer programs AutoCAD and Revit, I create an accurate 3D model of the building then cut 2D views of the building that are used for floor plans, exterior and interior elevations, and sections."

He said the Architectural Technology program prepared him well for a career in the field, but notes that the job involves sitting at a computer for long periods of time, which can be difficult to adjust to. The work is very detail orientated, so he can spend a long time drawing just one building, but Jadon said seeing a 3D model turn into a functioning building is very rewarding.

"The course prepares you for a variety of jobs in the industry. Many of my fellow graduates work similar jobs, but some have found work doing things like project management and building inspection."

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